Apple shares hit on analysts concerns, Intel’s disappointing outlook

“Apple Inc. shares continued to take a pounding for a second straight day Wednesday, with investors and some industry analysts expressing disappointment with Apple’s latest announcements at the annual Macworld Expo,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple’s stock cut its losses, but was still down by $7.47, or 4.4%, to trade at $161.66 in afternoon action, adding to the previous session’s losses in which the stock gave up more than 5%,” Crum reports. “Part of the reason for the decline was attributed to concerns about Intel Corp.’s disappointing outlook, as Apple exclusively uses Intel processors in its line of Macintosh PCs.”

“‘Investors were underwhelmed, possibly on unrealistic iPhone speculation and the lack of a killer product similar to the iPhone launch,’ Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets said. ‘But [it was] mostly general market pressure.” Abramsky has an outperform rating and $215 price target on Apple’s stock,” Crum reports.

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  1. Apple would have hung the moon if they had released the new Mac Pro’s yesterday instead of last week. People forget soooo quickly. Watch the keynote and you will see just how awesome the Macbook Air is. Will M$ give me permission to say “WOW”??
    Just what if the same expectations applied to any other company on the planet?
    You got the world changed again yesterday, and you people are sitting around cry’in about it yet again. Bunch ‘o spoiled rotten olive juice drinkers.

  2. Beyond me what they were expecting from Apple that was to be so killer.

    iPhone is killing, Leopard is killing, iPods are killing, iTunes is killing, Macbooks are killing.

    Apple in general is blowing up.

    Some commentators are criticizing Apple for coming out with TOO many new products too soon, wonder if it will have a negative impact on consumer’ buying habits; others criticizing because Apple isn’t coming out with a a game changer every 6 months.

    They need to understand that Apple isn’t just changing the game, it’s writing the rules now.

  3. I appreciate some of the thinking one encounters here. The voices of reason pushing back against the “OMG the stock price” crowd, and the bozos expecting alien-grade technology every few months.

    What other company does as well?

    Or even close?

  4. Wait, Apple’s stock is taking a beating, but after that crap fest that was CES, none of those other companies got hit? Most of them were showing things that were either concepts, or shipping sometime this year. Or Microsoft, which didn’t announce anything.

    I’m happy with MacWorld. New software for my iPhone, and AppleTV. Cool new notebook that will make some people happy. Movie rentals that are on par with PayPerView costs, plus you can download it to your iPod if you wanted to.

    I don’t see anything bad here. True, the fabled MacBookTouch didn’t happen, but, the first steps are there (ie gesters on the MacBook Air).

  5. <i>”Coat and tie?!? Gimmicky gagdets?!? Are you nuts?”<i>

    Yeah, everyone is NUTS except for you Ultra Fanboys and Girls… Who wants reasonably priced equipment with lots of features? Give us overpriced “sexy, gorgeous, and elegant” computers…

    Earth to Fanboys – after you get past the 8% of the Apple drollers, you have to start making reasonably priced functional computers. I want something that works and has lots of features at a fair price. I (and most of the world) could care less if it’s “elegant”…. IT’S A COMPUTER, not a fashion model….

    The Macbook Air is fine… Price is at $799. That’s about all it’s worth…

  6. Seriously, we go through this after every macworld. For some reason when Apple unveils a cool new app or gadget the stock tanks. Even after the release of the iPhone the stock dropped. I really don’t understand why people freak out after MW.

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