Third-party vendor leaks ‘MacBook Air’ details? (with images)

“An alleged insider at a third-party vendor is said by Wired to have fresh details on the rumored ‘MacBook Air’ sub-notebook just hours before its unveiling at Macworld San Francisco,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“In its description, the magazine’s Gadget Lab blog describes the lightweight notebook as teardrop-shaped when shut, thickening towards the hinge of the system but thinning near the edges — and remaining ‘unbelievably’ thin overall, according to the source,” Malley reports.

“The system, according to the source, shares the same aluminum and glass construction of the iMac with black accents on a silver frame,” Malley reports.

More info, and larger images, in the full article here.


  1. something is likely in the “air.” That illustration just does not seem like the real thing. Not cool enough. Too thin to be real. No Ethernet port? Why? The real areas of interest, track pad, optical drive or not, are not revealed. Looks to be simply another attention grabber.

  2. Gavron,

    Don’t confuse networking with the Internet. Your cable modem connects to your router or computer using Ethernet but that doesn’t mean the Ethernet connection “is the Internet”. And yes, Ethernet is a standard and is used in North America.

  3. No in the US we use telepathic transmission for all data stream. None of this T3, 3G, DSL nonsense around here.

    Gavron has a point though. As laptops get thinner, Apple may resort to some adaptor cable for their connectors. DVI and Ethernet are the thickest ports on my poor aging PB G4.

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