Apple CEO Steve Jobs talks stock price, iPhone in China, MacBook Air, iPhone sales

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just appeared on CNBC with Jim Goldman and touted the new incredibly thin MacBook Air — “A product we lusted after,” said Jobs.

Jobs also reported that rumors of on-again, off-again negotiations with China Mobile are simply untrue; just a single China Mobile rep. has flown out to Cupertino just once. There are no ongoing negotiations, just a first meeting. Jobs wants iPhone in China, but details will come later.

Jobs also remarked on the iPhone’s “off-the-charts” customer satisfaction and said that any product that is so beloved is likely to be very successful. Jobs said he is very happy with 4 million iPhone sales to date and with achieving nearly 20% U.S. smartphone market in their first quarter of sales (as per Gartner).

Jobs also said that he is unconcerned with day-to-day Apple share price fluctuations and he’s running the company for long-term success and expects Wall Street to reward the company accordingly as the company performs.

The interview will be able to be seen via CNBC shortly here.


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