Apple to debut ‘MacBook Air’ on Tuesday?

Apple Store OnlineCleve Nettles posts several bullet points that “prove [that “MacBook Air”] is either the real name/product or a purposeful hoax from either Apple or by someone with knowledge of the Macworld posters over on 9 to 5

1. The MacBook Air is real – our details may be off slightly but the name is real.
2. Either Apple or someone with knowledge of the Macworld 2008 There is something in the air slogan 2 weeks ago sent the rumor sites false info and went to a few websites with public logs with a browser hacked to show “MacBookAir” as machine-type.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]


  1. My bet is that Apple phases out the hard-drive based Macbook and replaces it with this new solid-state drive “Macbook Air.” A move similar to their decision to replace the iPod mini with the Nano.

  2. Actually it is a new computer similar to the OLPC except it is for the “likes of” Paris Hilton and gang…


    It will come to you! Just be patient!

    And yes, ChrissyOne, you got it immediately because you are not one!

    I will be sitting here at 0’Dark:30 waiting like the rest of us – except my Tuesday will just be another Tuesday – Wednesday morning will be the World!

    Cheers! Everyone!

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