Will Apple TV actually become a TV?

Apple Store Online“I have been surprised that while I am seeing a lot of predictions about a new Apple TV with Blu-Ray and other features that I have not seen anyone predicting what I predict,” Jon from Bucksport blogs for iTatchTech.

Jon writes, “I predict that Apple TV will actually become a TV.”

Jon writes, “”We recently got a new iMac and started experiencing the wonders of FrontRow. Within a couple of days our DVD player died from jealousy… What a joy to navigate with that wonderful little remote!”

“Apple has revolutionized the cell phone business in the last six months because it has changed the way that people interact with their cell phone. I think they will do the same with TV. Just imagine a TV that you not only navigate with a simple remote but also that you can program like a computer. That is you can reorger your channels and organize them into favorites lists,” Jon writes. “Have user specific lists, download movie rentals and all this [with the beauty of Jonathan Ives design].”

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  1. The problem is that they have to add a tuner, possibly accomodate HD and non HD broadcasting, they would have to have a remote with more buttons on it and they’d have to make versions for different countries as we all use different standards. If they don’t allow it to actually replace a TV then it’s just a Mac with a screen and even with something like EyeTV plugged in I would still prefer a proper TV.

  2. NOT!
    What a silly idea. Apple is looking to gain market share. If Apple TV persists as an ad-on device, folks who already have a TV will buy it. If Apple started making a TV, they would be waiting for upgrade cycles to sell them. You are just not going to sell millions of a device like that.

    Apple could sell millions of the DVD player of the future. And they will.

  3. Except that all the cable companies / satellite companies / verizon fios TV render much of those features useless. As much as I’d like to see cablecard adoption, it just isn’t viable because of the TV companies. I have some great features on my current TV, but unfortunately only use channel 3.

  4. will apple ever confuse the customers with their product line?


    Hence nope. Never!

    I’d say, sony would be wanting to chip into the AppleTV, by allowing it to fit nicely with their products.. much like the recent article about Sony ditching their walkman for the iPod for their stereo systems.

  5. What about Apple TV (iMac-like hard disc, turner, DVD box) as the dumb terminal ‘dock’ for the ultra-slim Apple notebook?

    One functions as a stand-alone TV, the other as a stand alone laptop… together as a well-speced full-size desktop.


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