Get your Macworld San Francisco 2008 Keynote Bingo Card today

“Ah, winter in San Francisco: the time of year when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to keynote bingo. What’s that, you ask? You haven’t played? Oh, but you must,” John Siracusa writes for Ars Technica.

“I’m taking a bit of a risk posting the card this early. I usually wait until the last minute so I can include as many late-breaking leaks as possible. If some new development comes across the tubes in the next few days and makes this card quaintly irrelevant, well, then I guess I’ll have learned my lesson for next year,” Siracusa writes.

The official Macworld San Francisco 2008 Keynote Bingo Card comes in PDF and you can also play on your iPhone.

Bingo squares include:
• New Mac Pro
• New displays
• HD video somewhere
• MacBook Thin
• New MacBook Pro
• Multi-touch Mac
• “Wouldn’t it be great…?” – Steve Jobs begins his favorite rhetorical question.
• MacBook Thin has flash
• “One more thing…” – Steve Jobs says there’s “one more thing.” A slide containing the phrase is also acceptable, even if Jobs does not actually say it.
• New Apple TV – Revision or replacement
• iTunes Movie Rentals
• “Boom” – Steve Jobs says the word “boom” while demonstrating something.
• Existence of Xserve acknowledged
• Blu-ray mentioned by a presenter
• iPhone SDK details
• New displays have cameras
• New iPhone hardware
• Mac market share touted
• Optical drive sold separately
• Phil Schiller appears on stage or in live video.
• Leopard vs. Vista – Mac OS X 10.5 is compared to Vista in some way. Showing “Get a Mac” TV ad does not count.
• Dockable Mac
• Native third-party iPhone app demo
• No new displays

Get your Macworld San Francisco 2008 Keynote Bingo Card or link to the iPhone version here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Spark” for the heads up.]


  1. “If I call BINGO, from here in Canada, will someone hear me?”

    Only if you’re in the woods while the Pope is riding a bear squatting behind a tree that’s falling over. It could happen.

  2. No John Mayer? Good. Whiny simp.

    That the new MacPros have already been announced is like a free daub.

    BTW makemineamac, KillBill said Vista preuninstalled not preinstalled, which is of course much funnier.

    Card is missing MacTablet – could be a winner

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