Penumbra: Overture game released for Mac OS X

Frictional Games has released their game “Penumbra: Overture,” previously released on Windows and Linux, for Mac OS X.

Penumbra: Overture is a first person adventure game, rendered in real-time with advanced physics, featuring an intriguing story with a dark and disturbing atmosphere. Penumbra: Overture has been considered to be one of the scariest games of 2007 and is now available as a universal binary for Mac OS X.

Mac Minimum Requirements:
• OS: Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
• Processor: 1.5Ghz
• Memory: 512MB
• Disc Space: 300MB free (for demo)
• Video Card: Radeon 9600/GeForce 4 (GeForce4MX not supported)

Penumbra: Overture retails for US$19.99 and a free demo version is also available.

More info and download links here.


  1. “‘Scariest Game of 2007’?
    I thought that award went to Microsoft Vista.”

    Actually, it’s Escape from the Planet of the Apes: Steve Ballmer Edition. It’s comes with a dance pad and a gallon of vodka.

  2. Yeah! that’s what we need. More mor – mor – morons playing games with themselves. Or is it, playing with themselves – games?

    A bloke walks into a Glasgow library and says to the prim librarian, ‘Excuse me Miss, dey ye hiv ony books on suicide?’

    To which she stops doing her tasks, looks at him over the top of her glasses and says, ‘Fook off, ye’ll no bring it back.’

  3. Have you ever noticed how a MATT screen, seems to absorb all the ambient light. And the user over time realizes the monitor is sucking all the positive ions out from your pupils.

    Strange, though, a glossy screen reflects those ions right back into your eyes, brighting and easing your time while using the device.

    Or am I just wired differently?

    Anyways, this debate over screens is very tiresome.
    Apple has good reasons to comply to environment standards for computers – and the choice of glossy glass is a part of this.

  4. It’s nothing “enviromental” sticking a piece of shiny, once a pile of sand, glass sheet in front of the same LCD panel that’s on matte screens.

    Except of course if your a sea turtle.


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