Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote leaked?

Apple Store Online“A Macworld wouldn’t be a Macworld without a supposed leak of the keynote speech, and this year is no exception. Cropping up in, of all places, Wikipedia is what’s supposed to be a rough outline of a draft of Steve Jobs’ speech,” Technovia reports.

“None of [this leaked keynote speech outline] sounds too off the wall, although that’s no guarantee that it’s real. What’s interesting is that it includes the Mac Pro refresh that happened this week, so – if it’s real – it’s obviously a quite old draft,” Technovia reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gman” for the heads up.]

Potential Spoiler Alert: The purported leaked Steve Jobs’ 2008 Macworld Expo keynote outline is here.


  1. Honestly I was very skeptical, but if this is a fake it’s very well done. There’s a combination of some things that everybody has been talking about (new Macbook), some that are complete surprises, and some that seem likely enough (16GB iPhone). That’s consistent with earlier keynotes.

    Also the surprises, like the business model for iPhone apps, would be pretty creative for a fake.

  2. If they could sell this thin MacBook with increased resolution for $1199, they would have to decrease the rest of the MacBook line’s prices. Of course, that is usually what they do– introduce a new product with more features at the same price, then decrease prices on some old products, and discontinue the rest.

    This looks like it could be an early draft of the real thing.

    The “one more thing” is somewhat of a dud.

  3. This is almost certainly fake, but it does read like the real thing and seems to have some inside information. It could be another leak “on purpose” to find out who he person leaking things at Apple is.

    Aside from the omission of anything about a new AppleTV, the sub-notebook, rentals etc. though it has a couple of weird grammatical flaws (“completely aluminium?”), and some really nutty hard to believe stuff like the “DVD drive opens on the side…” comment.

    It might make sense if this was the real thing, but with the cool stuff edited out so they can see who leaked it, but not reveal any of the good stuff. This would explain why they talk about a “major feat of engineering – patents abound,” when referring to the new aluminium MacBook which by all rights should involve no new patents at all. This line makes no sense at all unless it actually refers to the sub-notebook.

  4. I really doubt that Steve would go into such detail of the SDK at a consumer event like Macworld. I’m sure he won’t wait until WWDC to do it, but it makes more sense to do a special event than to tell the MW audience about it. Just not the right place.

  5. Please ‘Mac+’, can you tell me the basis for making your breathless statements about something ‘unexpected’ in your posts above??

    Or are you in fact a troll trying to whip up some post Macworld disappointment?

  6. For whoever said it has already been edited, you just have to go and look under the history tab and you can still find it….but it’s boring. I can’t believe that a 16GB iPhone is the biggest surprise (given that the new MacBooks have been talked about for ages).

  7. This could be another Apple sponsored search for leaks.
    Heads may roll. or not.

    Or it’s a disinformation ploy.

    Your guess. Your choice.

    A MacBook thin would be more proportionally expensive than the standard issue MacBook. If they use one of the rumored solid state “hard” drive, those things are MUCH pricier than a standard disk drive!

  8. I’m quite surprised at the number of posters who are convinced that there is going to some sort of sensational new revelation at Macworld.
    I think they’re going to be disappointed.

    Even Apple can’t bring out a new product without some sort of leakage, and the iPhone, of course, was no exception. We all knew it was coming. If there’s a completely new product coming out, where are the leaks from the production side, i.e. from China?

    There have been enough leaks from Asia about the production of the parts for the new ‘slim’ notebook. That’s why I and many others believe this rumour.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I just can’t believe there’s going to be some new revolutionary device coming next week.

  9. Product Refreshes
    – Refreshing Mac Pro and Mac mini today
    – Mac Pro now with Penryn!
    – Base model 2×2.8GHz dual-core/1GB/NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB/250GB(1x250GB)/1x16x double-layer SuperDrive
    – Upgradeable to 2×3.2GHz quad-core/16GB/NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 512MB/4TB(4x1TB)/2x16x double-layer SuperDrives
    – Starting at $2,499

    This statement disproves the not. as we know this is not correct specs.

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