JVC debuts LCD TVs, audio systems with Apple iPod Docks

“JVC Americas Corp. on Sunday said it would offer a new series of LCD televisions with built-in docks for the popular iPod media player from Apple Inc.,” The Associated Press reports.

“The dock will allow consumers to play music and video from their iPods on JVC’s P-Series TVs, JVC said. The iPod, which charges while it is in the dock, can be controlled with the TV remote,” AP reports. “During music playback, artist and song information is displayed on the television screen. Other features include photo viewing and the ability to play music from the iPod during television programming.”

JVC will debut 32-inch and 42-inch models in March, a 47-inch model in April, and a 52-inch model in summer 2008. No retail prices were disclosed.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: JVC also announced a number of new audio and video systems with iPod integration. More via JVC’s press center here.


  1. Nice move JVC. I look forward to testing these TVs soon.

    Presently, I use a 10 dollar connect to my TV and iPod classic generation 2. It’s a bit of a drain on the battery, otherwise, the image up samples just fine. Now, my newer iPod Nano, I have not yet purchased the special TV/presentation cable as Apple charges about 50 bucks. I might just put my 50 bucks towards the JVC.


  2. @Reality Check,

    Seeing as how JVC are licensing the iPod interface from Apple, I would suggest that the risk of Apple changing the interface is low. And who knows, JVC may have modularised the design so a component upgrade would keep it up to date.

  3. it’s amazing how all these industries are jumping on board with iPod intergration. I have yet to see someone come out with a car with a Zune dock or a TV with a Zune dock. or ANYTHING with a Zune dock. I sense a pattern here.

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