Carl Howe leaves Blackfriars’ Marketing for Yankee Group

Yankee Group today announced that research industry veteran and Blackfriars’ Marketing cofounder Carl D. Howe has joined the firm as director of Enterprise Software Research. In this new role, Howe will look at the changes in software technology affected by the proliferation of mobile technology and will counsel Yankee Group clients on what impact software innovation will have on future business decisions.

Howe’s research focus will also include enterprise software infrastructure, developer environment, mashups, developer toolkits, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and mobile operating systems.

“Carl is a highly respected industry leader,” said Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president, Yankee Group Enterprise Research group, in the press release. “His experience as an analyst, marketing strategist and innovative thinker will serve as a strong asset to our Enterprise Research team. Carl’s approach to combining his analytical and management consulting experience in research will provide Yankee Group’s clients with invaluable insight for their businesses.”

Howe has more than 15 years of experience as an analyst and management and marketing consultant. Before Yankee Group, he was the principal and CEO of Blackfriars Communications, Inc., a company he co-founded to advise companies on how to distill, communicate and deliver their business value. Before Blackfriars, Howe was a research director and principal analyst at Forrester Research. At Forrester, he directed the firm’s research in networking, computing and software infrastructure. Howe’s research there outlined the next wave of internet innovation after the web and forecasted the impact of open source software. Howe also spent 18 years working at BBN Corporation, where he helped develop operating systems for some of the largest commercial parallel processors in the world.

Howe is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he has also lectured as a member of the faculty. He was also a faculty member at Wellesley College.

“Just as the wired internet changed forever how business was done in the 1990s, Yankee Group’s Anywhere vision of mobile IP connectivity is reshaping the business and software landscape again,” said Carl D. Howe, director of Yankee Group’s Enterprise Software Research group, in the press release. “I am excited to join Yankee Group to help guide global companies through this next exciting, but disruptive change.”


Howe writes on the Blackfriars’ blog, “Monday will be a big change for me. My commute will go from 10 minutes to about and hour and a quarter each way. Joe will be continuing Blackfriars here, but I’ll sorely miss his good humor and marketing wisdom. And sadly, I won’t be able to post significant analysis here anymore; my employment contract requires that I devote my writing and efforts to my new clients at Yankee. I’m hoping to emerge with a new blog related to that effort there; if that happens, I’ll post a link to it here. Regardless, I do hope to contribute an occasional non-work-related observation here from time to time. I know I would miss it if I didn’t.”

Howe writes, “So thank you to all the Blackfriars readers out there for your time, your attention, and your interest. I’ll try to contribute a few more posts as I wind up loose ends here (with MacWorld coming up, I’m not sure I could resist), but they’ll rapidly become more of the once-a-week or month variety than the daily posts you’ve come to expect. But I hope everyone will look for my reports and quotes at Yankee Group and in the press.”

Full blog post here.

We’ll miss Howe’s Blackfriars’ blog posts as he provided excellent insights on all things Apple. We wish him well at Yankee Group and hope to see his Apple-related insights on a new blog soon. Good luck, Carl!


  1. It’s a shame that he will not be able to continue with Blackfriar’s as a side project. I second LinuxGuy, Carl was one of the few analyst’s opinions who I placed value on with regards to Apple and it’s future.

    He was one of the few who ‘got it’

  2. This is a sad day. Very sad. Carl had amazing insight into the tech world and Apples leadership role in terms of innovation. No other analyst came close to his understanding of Apples immense and continuing contributions to all things digital. I only hope that the Blackfriers Blog remains as steady insightful and inspirational as ever. And purhaps Carl can help reach the mainstream more effectivly thru the Yankee Group’s wider audience. In any event I wish Carl well and I will bookmark his new home.

  3. Carl’s blog was my fav read in the Apple world… (#2 would be fake steve), and I too am sad (for me–happy for Carl).

    Carl “gets” why Apple succeeds with a clarity seldom seen because he correctly frames it all in terms of the burden on consumers of all the choice available. He is one of the few who can explain Apple’s wild success despite the fact (I know this is sacrilige here) that Windows and Mac OS are not really that different–certainly nothing like the Mac v. DOS or v. Windows pre-95 without calling it all fashion or religious ferver.

    Dammit, Carl, I am really going to miss your marketing clarity. Perhaps you could write us a book or two.

    Disclosure: both the author and Carl (unless things have really changes) are long AAPL… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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