Beleaguered Napster hikes Music subscription prices by 30%

Beleaguered “Napster has increased the subscription fees for its digital music service by about 30%, from $9.95 per month to $12.95 per month, the company said in an e-mail to subscribers,” Mark Hefflinger reports for Digital Media Wire.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just give up the charade already, sheesh.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “HMCIV” for the heads up.]


  1. Customers? Gouge ’em one good time before they’re gone! Most of them won’t even notice for several months. They should have read the contract. It says right there in the fine print they’ve got to pay or lose their music. You gotta love good old fashioned greed.

  2. This is exactly what the smart prognosticators foretold, and ‘shux’ hits the cynical nail on the head;
    Napster Inc. sees the writing on the wall and is trying to squeeze a few last drops of blood from naive customers before Napster executives turn out the lights, shut the door, and jet off to their villas to plan their next heist.

  3. 150 USD a year to listen to your choice of music, because you do not own the songs from Napster. That’s how the subscription works – I’m I right?

    Either, Radio is sounding truly amazing these days or I should kiss Steve Jobs FEET that iTunes is in business.

    RITS (rot-in-the-soil) Napster.
    Specially since the RIAA will be knock their door again soon.

  4. Yes, we rent music. People seem to love custom playlists.

    We were so sneaky. Tee hee. But now that the RIAA is onto use for housing all this music that we bought and copied it to our server we need to prepare for the cost of our lawyers.

    Thx to all our supports for understanding and sticking with us.


  5. I didn’t know you could subscribe! Darn it, I’ve been spending over $50 a month to buy songs from iTunes for the last two years. But since I don’t have much room on my hard drive, I delete them before I buy the next batch. The heck with Apple. I’m moving to Napster!

  6. @ TT

    I get really tired of hearing about how subscriptions are such a great way to ‘discover new music!’ when you can get satellite for the same price. If I want to discover new music, I’d rather have a limitless stream of a gazillion live stations than a big pot to download from.
    As soon as I make a playlist, I have become attached to that music. But my playlists tend to be masterpieces, well planned, with song edits, cross fades, samples and vignettes that follow a theme. They take me hours, sometimes days to perfect. If I’m going to take the time to do this, I am going to own the music I use (or steal it fair and square). I will not be told that my favorite driving mix is going to cost me more a month to keep playing.
    Subscriptions just suck suck suck. I love music way too much for that.

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