Andy Ihnatko predicts new Apple iDevice in 2008

Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times technology and computer columnist, makes an interesting prediction over at

A sophisticated, gesture-based user interface. OS X running on nontraditional devices. A new developer environment and API for iDevices that was so tricky that Apple couldn’t release it or even hint at it until three months after the iPhone was released… and even then, only under duress. Features embedded in Mac OS that help you invisibly tether two OS X devices’ resources together, whether they’re in the same room or merely on the same planet. A movement from Apple to put the bulk of its energy into consumer products and not computer products.

I’m fairly sure that 2008 will see an entire new platform. The iPhone is a phone, and the iPod touch is an iPhone without the phone stuff. The next i-Suffix will be a totally new thing. Not a Mac… not really. An iPhone, kind of, but sort of not. Take the screen off a MacBook and slice it in two vertically. That’s the device. It’ll play media—including Office documents, PDFs, and e-books—from its 16GB of flash storage. It’ll have Wi-Fi and the Safari browser… maybe even 3G or EDGE, as with an iPhone. It will secure-tunnel back to your home Mac or PC, and you’ll be able to use this thing to access any resources you might have left behind. It will put every digital resource you have at your fingertips, in one compact black slate.

It will run native software, too. Curious, isn’t it, that in October Steve Jobs announced that Apple wouldn’t be taking the wrapper off the iPhone developers’ kit until February? It’s almost as if the resources that are plainly available in the SDK would have spilled the beans on the device Steve intends to unveil during his Macworld Expo keynote in January.

Much more in the full article, including predictions from Dan Frakes, Macworld senior editor, Dan Moren, Macworld associate editor and MacUser co-editor, and John Moltz, Crazy Apple Rumors Site editor in chief, here.

MacDailyNews Take: This article’s prescience gets scarier with each passing day: Is Apple building ‘The Device?’ – SteveJack, MacDailyNews, December 10, 2002


  1. “It’s almost as if the resources that are plainly available in the SDK would have spilled the beans on the device Steve intends to unveil during his Macworld Expo keynote in January.”

    It’s all about timing.

  2. One thing is for sure. It won’t be a butt ugly Modbook that has a MacBook guts and a screen laid flat. When SJ unveils it the whole tortured Modbook design will be seen for what it is a reverse engineered heap.

  3. The Dow is off over $256 and the Nasdaq is off over $98 on poor American employment data and the threat of a recession …. this has nothing to do with Apple as a company …

  4. Grrrr. Overhyped stuff like this is really annoying.

    I’m looking forward to the device that Apple will likely introduce, and I’m sure it will be truly exciting. But it is NOT a new ‘platform’. Maybe you want to refer to it as a new product line, but not a new platform. The platform is OS X.

    Apple is being very smart in leveraging the OS X platform across as many product lines as they possibly can. Creating a whole new platform would be a huge disaster. Growing the OS X platform across new product lines is brilliant.

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