InfoWorld’s Yager: Microsoft will headline Macworld Expo 2008 (and Apple will debut 3G iPhone)

“I go to trade shows with a mission based on my view of what matters, which oft times yet entirely by chance fails to overlap with what everyone else considers important,” Tom Yager writes for InfoWorld.

“Consider my take on Macworld Expo. I think that the headliner there, although Mac heads will be loath to acknowledge it, will be Microsoft. It’s been four years since Office for Mac, the one piece of software that every professional Mac owner must have, has felt its creator’s touch. The new features in Office 2008 for Mac are almost incidental. Office 2008 is Universal, meaning that it runs natively on Intel and PowerPC Macs. Microsoft came by that honestly, using Xcode and Objective-C, accumulating expertise along the way that has made the developer staff blogs of Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit one of the very few I check out regularly,” Yager writes.

MacDailyNews Take: Tom’s gotta lay off the egg nog. There’s no way that Microsoft’s Office for Mac will be the headliner for Macworld Expo. Footnote, maybe. Give Apple’s free 30-day iWork ’08 trial a try today!

“Lest you think that I’m writing about Officeworld Expo, Macs built on Intel’s Penryn 45-nanometer Core 2 CPUs will roll out at Macworld. I’m selfishly hoping that a Penryn MacBook Pro will be first out of the gate,” Yager writes.

Yager also wants an eight-core Xserve, OS X Server virtualization sans GUI at the flip of a switch (or click of a button), and thinks that “the iPhone will be a star attraction as well.”

Yager predicts, “The 3G iPhone will make its bow,” which, of course, puts the kibosh on his belief that Microsoft will be Macworld Expo’s headliner. Yager also thinks that we might “see a hint of the iPhone/iPod Touch software development kit (SDK) that Apple plans to deliver in February.”

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  1. I think it’s fair to assume Microsoft will get a bit of “stage time” at Macworld. They make one of the most important pieces of software for the platform! I mean, besides iLife, what else comes closer than Office in terms of Mac market saturation? And iLife is BUNDLED.

  2. “It’s been four years since Office for Mac, the one piece of software that every professional Mac owner must have, has felt its creator’s touch.”

    I don’t agree, ever since I installed iWork, I have yet to open MS Office on my Mac. In fact, I am thinking about trashing it.

  3. 3G iPhone? As much as I’d like it, it’s about 3-6 months too early for that. We won’t see that til the Asian roll-out begins in the Spring. We may see new iPhone software and a 16GB version, which will be a essentially a footnote unless Steve decides to talk SDK.

    MDN don’t be surprised if Steve brings an Microsoft exec out on stage.

    Sure we’ll see a new Mac or two or three. But the full line-up revamp that Yager hopes for is just overboard.

  4. MS Office isn’t anywhere on my things to buy list – I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I speak for more than just myself.

    I use office about once a month. I can’t justify spending the HUGE amount of money for that software that MS charges. I’ll make do without the update.

  5. It might happen. Remember Motorola’s headlining a previous Macworld. A lot of hype about the ROKR being compatible with iTunes. While Motorola displayed its product, Jobs just stood in the background. When Motorola was done, Jobs pulled out the Nano and Motorola was done.

    The same thing could happen with Microsoft. Gates could come and show off the wonders of Office for the first hour. Afterwards, Jobs reveals the Apple Teleportation device or more likely, the Apple Music Label. Either one would have the same effect.

  6. Yager’s been around a long time, and has covered the Mac when most others were shunning it. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss what he says in an offhand way, even if he proves to not be totally correct.

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