Celeb spills beans on secret new Apple ultra-portable

“Rumours abound that hip hop star Just Blaze has told all about Apple’s much talked-about sub-notebook, after he was promised one for performing at a recent Apple Christmas party. The mystery machine is allegedly to be announced at Macworld in January,” Scott Snowden reports for Reg Hardware.

“According to website boygeniusreport, Mr Blaze was one of several music celebrities who performed live at the company-sponsored music event for Apple’s employees. In exchange for their work, each artist was promised a free notebook that will be unveiled at the Macworld expo in San Francisco.,” Snowden reports.

Full article here.

The Boy Genius Report says, “Apple will 100% be announcing a new laptop at MacWorld. We’ve also heard the laptop will go on sale a week after MacWorld, too.”

Full article here.


  1. You sound just like those people who have grown so old that they are basically obsolete and can no longer appreciate new things. Your great grandfather probably doesn’t think whatever you listen to is music either. Or whatever you read or see is art or literature.

  2. Ampar, I know those black people scare you and all, but there are plenty of music scholars who would disagree with you.

    Perhaps you should get over your fears and try to explain your theories of what is and isn’t music to some listeners of hip-hop in person? I’m sure that would go over well.

  3. @Ampar

    Genius definition! I will begin using it today! You are not always right, but this time you are dead on.

    “Tourette’s Syndrome in between court ordered medication.” You ought to authorize this for universal use.

  4. I should say in all fairness that there is a bit of talent in rap but come on, they don’t even have to “sing” in key, just in time.

    Please, even if you are a rap fan you must admit. Listen to Boston’s first album then listen to M & M. If you don’t here the difference, well………….

  5. It takes talent to be successful in every genre. It also takes a miracle to convince someone to believe your point-of-view in the comments section of a website, so why even try?

    I myself have more eclectic tastes in music; like Mindless Self Indulgence and Electric Six

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