Is Apple’s next iPhone device a next-gen Newton MessagePad?

“Rumor sites have long been atwitter about Apple resurrecting the Newton MessagePad. While officially dead for nearly a decade, those rumors got a boost this year when Steve Jobs rolled out the iPhone as a combination ‘mobile phone, iPod, and breakthrough Internet device,'”‘ Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted. “The iPhone first appeared to be Jobs’ version of the Newton, but after the iPod Touch revealed Apple’s long term plans for targeting a wider range of devices, the idea of a tablet assistant gained new credence as a realistic possibility. What does Apple’s past reveal about its future?”

Dilger explores whether Apple CEO Steve Jobs really is “anti-Newton” as some has surmised, the history of the Newton, the many reasons why Jobs killed the Newton, Newton’s offspring (iPod and iPhone) and the future possibilities in his full article here.


  1. The iPhone IS the Newton, folks…now a 9 to 11 inch touch-screen Macbook type tablet under a grand would be a much better alternative and a new definition of a subnotebook. It would need to be thin, though, which means flash and exteral DVD for those who still need it. They’re cheap, y’know.
    Bought a few more shares today. All the 200 AAPL talk is old newz…anyone wanna discuss 300 by next year?

  2. Sure, build a neo-Newton, but running OS X, not the Newton OS. Make it not weigh 20 lbs or have stylus input. Make it smaller than a hardcover book. Make it actually sync with a Mac. Yes I loved the Newton MP2100 I had, but really, those old machines were pretty crappy by today’s standards. I’m sure Apple will knock it out of the park if they build it. Until then, I love my iPhone like a brand new puppy.

  3. “The iPhone IS the Newton, folks..”

    Except for having a different processor, display, operating system, no handwriting recognition, and input system?

    No, the iPhone is not the Newton. What’s left of the Newton is the “ink” input method on the Mac.


  4. ” . . . anyone wanna discuss 300 by next year?”

    “January 1st, 2008? Nah. I’ll give it until at least June before the next WWDC.”

    Ampar, you knew what he meant. Why are you and TowerTone such cocky dipsh!ts?

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