The Telegraph: Apple blossoms as Microsoft wilts

“It has been a bumper year for the California-based [Apple]. More than three billion songs had been bought through the iTunes music store since 2001, and that 110 million iPods have been sold worldwide,” The Telegraph reports.

“Apple sustained the momentum by increasing the capacity of its iPod range, giving it a facelift, adding a new selection of pastel-coloured iPod shuffles, and introducing video-playback to a thinner, squatter iPod nano. Oh, and it launched a mobile phone,” The Telegraph reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Not-so-minor omission: Apple also released the iPod touch.

The telegraph continues, “In all the brouhaha surrounding the iPhone launch, it would be easy to miss one of Apple’s biggest successes this year – the upsurge in sales of its computers. Apple shipped more than two million Macs between July and September this year alone, a 34 per cent increase on those months last year… If Apple’s rise continues, it may soon be able to think about posing a more serious threat to Microsoft’s dominance.”

“Bill Gates’s company seems to have been caught napping, failing to get to grips with a consumer demand for flair, innovation and beautiful design,” The Telegraph reports. “But more worrying for Microsoft will be the backlash against its latest operating system, Vista, released in January. Its snazzy new graphical interface wasn’t enough to win over many consumers. Vista makes heavy demands of computers, and lots of people found it sluggish and bloated. Such was the lack of interest that Dell began to offer computers preloaded with the older operating system, Windows XP, as an alternative.”

The Telegraph’s Best of 2007: Apple iPhoneWhile there is definitely room for improvement, its intuitive interface and stunning good looks have set the standard that all future mobile phones will be judged by.

The Telegraph’s Worst of 2007: Windows VistaWhile it’s lovely to look at, this operating system can feel sluggish. It has perhaps shaken consumer confidence in the Microsoft brand, and goes some way towards explaining why Apple’s star is in the ascendancy.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Linux Guy And Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

Slowly they awaken.


  1. It’s not Microsoft’s “failing to get to grips with a consumer demand for flair, innovation and beautiful design,” it’s their TOTAL inability—at the highest levels—of truly appreciating class and style and being able to recognize it when it’s staring them in the face. If a technical company doesn’t have strong leadership that “knows” class and demands it of everyone who helps develop their technology, then their products quickly suffer from “too many chefs in the kitchen”-syndrome.

    Microsoft sucks because Bill Gates (in my opinion) is more ruthless than creative, and Steve Ballmer is nothing more than Europeans’ stereotype of your typical, semi-educated, has-no-class, ultra-aggressive, neanderthal U.S. CEO (in my opinion).

  2. I agree Vista is indeed a museum piece, set right alongside Charles Babbage’s Analytical Machine which though half finished seems to have been rather more complete and polished than its slightly newer competitor. It certainly gains a better press, but then it was ahead of its time when it was built.

  3. Greg L, Microsoft understands, class elegance, design principals, and how to capture an audience. To think you would compare the two makes me ill. J Allard is the new Ive.
    Shepherd jobs took the sheep for a ride with the touch screen. No one wants it, it’s a bland copy of Win Mobile.
    Just wait until the next revolution, Vienna, comes out. Then you will see greatness.

    Good for you Macromancer. Once you break the spell of Apple. you will truly see the light.

  4. PROUD TO BE BRITISH!! (for a change). I have noticed a big move at the Telegraph to becoming Apple friendly. Claudine Beaumont has been writing great stuff that has been free of MS influences and honestly talking about Macs, iPods and iPhone.

    I was Christmas shopping today in the Telegraph readers favourite store: John Lewis, where their Apple Store within a Store is really excellent. They have always been loyal resellers of Apple products and no doubt Apple have treated them well.

    Apple in the UK will be great again in 2008!

  5. Although the thought of Microsloth wilting sounds like a good thing, that just impossible. Sad to say that as long as the Monopoly is approved to exist, they will never run out of funds to continue their business.

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