Apple releases QuickTime Broadcaster 1.5.2

Apple today released QuickTime Broadcaster 1.5.2 which delivers increased compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard and provides important bug fixes.

Apple’s free QuickTime Broadcaster features include:

• H.264 live broadcasting: When combined with QuickTime 7, QuickTime Broadcaster supports broadcasting in the new H.264 video codec delivering high quality live streams at remarkably low data rates with H.264 video.
• Dramatically increased performance: Broadcast in full, 640 x 480, 30 fps video with QuickTime Broadcaster to deliver your audience a TV-like experience on their Mac or Windows PC.
• Increased support for 3G streaming: QuickTime Broadcaster includes enhanced support for live streaming to mobile devices that support the 3GPP standard.
Other Features of QuickTime Broadcaster
• MPEG-4: QuickTime Broadcaster delivers ISO-compliant audio and video. Any MPEG-4 compliant player can receive your broadcast event—making it the perfect way to reach large numbers of viewers for corporate meetings, online courses, keynote addresses, entertainment and other special events.
• 3GPP: QuickTime Broadcaster can also deliver 3GPP-compliant streams over the Internet.
• Instant VOD: In addition to recording your broadcast to disk, QuickTime Broadcaster can automatically hint the file for immediate posting to a streaming server for on-demand viewing after the event has occurred—just what you need for quick video-on-demand posting.
• Integration with QuickTime Streaming Server: Delivering your event to a large audience is as simple as clicking a button thanks to integration with QuickTime Streaming Server and • Darwin Streaming Server. This integration also provides industrial-strength streaming of your broadcast via Skip Protection, Apple’s patent-pending technology for preventing interruptions (or “skips”) in the transmission of streaming media.
• User-friendly interface: QuickTime Broadcaster provides a basic view that includes presets for popular broadcasting configurations, making it easy to start broadcasting in just a few clicks. Or you can customize your own settings in the expanded view and then save and share them with others.
• Standards-based delivery: QuickTime Broadcaster supports both multicast and unicast via the RTP/RTSP transport for delivering live broadcasts.
• Real-time Statistics: QuickTime Broadcaster automatically gives you statistics to help manage your broadcast, including the data rate of the audio and video stream, video frame rate, processor load, number of connected users and total data rate of the broadcast.
• Codec Flexibility: In addition to H.264 and MPEG-4, QuickTime Broadcaster supports other QuickTime codecs capable of streaming and real-time compression, including those in the QuickTime Component Download Program.
• FireWire Capture: QuickTime Broadcaster supports video capture from most FireWire-equipped sources, including DV cameras, some webcams and DV converter boxes for a fast and easy broadcasting process with professional-quality results.
• AppleScript Support: Automate broadcast processes such as starting and stopping a broadcast; selecting audio, video and network presets; and checking the status of a broadcast. Frequent broadcast producers can benefit from the automation power of AppleScript.

QuickTime Broadcaster 1.5.2 is available via Software Update.

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    I hope nobody sees an Apple store.

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