Apple posts new ‘Get a Mac’ ad: ‘Santa Claus’ (with video)

Apple today posted the company’s latest ad in their “Get a Mac” campaign to their home page and also to their “Get a Mac” ads section.

The new ad features the familiar “Mac and “PC” characters, but with a twist for the holidays, as the ad is done in the Rankin/Bass animation style. Justin Long who plays the “Mac” and John Hodgman who plays the “PC” contribute voiceovers for the new ad and also “sing.”

In the ad, a desperate “PC” bastardizes the holiday spirit by injecting a plea for people to buy PCs instead of Macs while Santa and “Mac” look on disapprovingly:

Direct link via YouTube:

See the new ad in various sizes and higher quality via here.


  1. Love the Rankin Bass-inspired spot! (I fondly remember watching Santa Claus is Comin to Town and Rudolph as a kid.) While it conveys the spirit of the holiday season, I’m not sure if it does enough to get people to go buy Macs for Xmas. But in a subtle way, perhaps it does.

  2. Time to dig out the oldies but goodies – the Junk in a Box video from SNL last year and the Charlie Brown Ghetto Christmas (on YouTube). Nothing like putting these on the ol’ Mac and firing one up – a fire in my fireplace, that is.

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  3. This is consistent with the comments of that one article that said how Macs are expanding at full throttle and we’re not letting the foot of the gas pedal.

    By now, practically every TV-watching American knows about “I’m a Mac – I’m a PC” commercials. They are often the subject of the water cooler talk (“Can I get a cup of water – Cancel or Allow?” “Of course – Cancel or Allow!” you won’t believe it but I heard this kind of an exchange, spoofing Vista…!!). People know the characters, they know the basic plot line and are thoroughly familiar with how endearingly pathetic that PC guy is. Coming from all that, this Christmas commercial drives it home and makes it even more funny. I know of die-hard Windows people who are inching ever-so-closer towards the idea of owning an iMac directly as a consequence of a relentless barrage of these commercials. He just loves them and thinks they’re hilarious. He totally recognises the PC and at this point, all he needs is a little push and he’s done.

    In Apple’s history, there were many memorable campaigns (Think Different, Switcher, not to mention the one that started it all, 1984). This one will sure go down as one of the most effective.

  4. Great new commercial, Apple! Have been watching those with my young ‘un this past week.

    However, the major ads on the page (when I opened it up) were this ugly blue-green field with “Find the right PC for you” and a Vista logo with “Start Here” next to it…

    I feel just a little dirty having just typed that.

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