Apple iPhone video recording now working

“Today I have gotten video recording to work, as it stands my max fps is 40-45 and I am limited by the iPhone’s RAM, so I need to keep working to get closer… Right now I can capture 2mp quality at 10fps for 10 seconds. When I lower the quality to normal phone size .mov I should be able to get a higher fps and a minute of video at least,” drunknbass reports via Monster and Friends.

“I’m posting a binary that will record 5 seconds of video and replay it. There is no UI, this is a very simple proof of concept. All data is stored to memory. I can actually record twice as long, but for this sample 5 seconds is fine (this will record 5 seconds at 10 fps,” drunknbass writes. “The final app will be able to record somewhere from 15-30+ fps and should have an unlimited file lenth.”

Full article with download link here.


  1. I want the video camera on the iPhone to be on the same side as the screen so we can video ichat between iphones or between an iphone and an imac/macbook.

    someday, appletv might have a video camera on it so grandma can video ichat with the grandkids who have an imac.

    or someday I can business trip and video ichat between my iphone and my kids with an appletv with a built in video camera.

    just make it happen apple, it might be a killer feature to add to ichat.

  2. This is just amazing. Lots of talk about video capabilities on the iPhone was disabled by Apple. I guess this guy proves that it can be enabled! Soon we can have video recording. Just add audio and we’re set! Love the iPhone!

  3. It was disabled probably because the quality is not very good, and being Apple, they don’t want to be also-rans, they want to be the leader. Good video depends on at least 24 fps, and ideally double that. However, extremely fast shutter speeds, tremendous light gathering abilities, some sort of minimal zoom, and small (fast) focal lengths. The iphone is not suitable for this. While cool as a curiosity, and I am sure once Apple opens the architecture for 3rd party local apps, there will be a video application for the iphone.

  4. I have a larger ‘video’ question –

    After all the hub-bub over NBC, iTunes Store, etc

    What is an NBC advertisement doing on the left hand side of this page ?

    (least is for me at this viewing – is about a Scrubs episode)

    Not sure if MDN has control of this, since it could be something rotating from Google, for example. Or if MDN is aware and merely happy to take GE/NBC/Universal’s money.

    If the later is the case, then what next ? Vista Ads ?

    Thanks, BC

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