Survey: ‘Apple users more likely to be green-minded’

“Apple users are proportionally more eco-friendly than users of other vendors’ PCs. Moreover, they’re more willing to plunk down extra cash for ‘green’ products,” Ted Samson blogs for Infoworld.

Samson continues, “That nugget of information is one many findings in a report just released by Forrester Research titled ‘In Search Of Green Technology Consumers: Why Tech Marketers Should Target This Emerging Segment.’ Forrester surveyed computer users to determine the extent of their green leanings and what drove their environmentally conscientious practices (or lack thereof).”

“The report finds that, all told, 12 percent of U.S. adults are ‘bright green,’ which Forrester defines as those who are ‘concerned about the environment and global warming, and strongly agree that they would pay extra for consumer electronics that used less energy or came from a company that was environmentally friendly.’ Moreover, another 41 percent of U.S. adults are ‘green consumers’: those who ‘share concerns about environmental issues and global warming, but do not strongly agree that they would pay more for environmentally-friendly electronics,'” Samson reports. “The remaining 47 percent of the population ‘do not (yet) share the greens’ concerns about the environment or global warming.”

Samson reports, “Forrester found that 14 percent of Apple users are bright green.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple users, we can see; it was the ’70’s, after all. But, what about Mac users? wink


  1. Nah don’t believe it, Democrats can’t be green too.

    Apple users must be bright green then, green as in apple and bright as in glossy screens.

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  2. I am environmentally conscious… I even drive a van on filtered waste vegetable oil. Saves me a ton of money! Macs to me also are enviro friendly for many reasons… most old Macs are still working, we are more productive and not fighting some stupid virus off which gives us users more time to do other things, and if companies would wake up to the BS of their IT departments, they would realize how much money they are wasting on the IT department using their electricity, ac, travel, etc.

  3. People that are “Green” tend to be well informed about the environment and open to new ideas, wouldn’t you say?

    People that use Macs tend to be well informed, and open to new ideas.

    People that use Windows tend to be ignorant. And yes, most people are ignorant.

  4. I’m sick of Greenpeace being the authority on environmental issues. If they really cared about the environment, they would support the proliferation of nuclear power plants and breeder reactors. They support a misinformation campaign that stifles innovation and clean energy. Look at the link: the ominous looking power plant is a coal plant. You can tell from the smoke stacks. Less radiation escapes a nuclear power plant in a year than you would be exposed to in a single coast to coast flight.

  5. Global warming is not caused by man. Electric cars cost more resources than the gas to run a regular auto. Green schmeen.

    Robin Hood was as green as they come, just like the libs, he robbed the rich and gave it to the lazy. Just like the government – of both stripes.

    Love my Mac & iPhone.

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