AmTech analyst Apple’s iPod, Mac sales running ahead of expectations

American Technology Research Analyst Shaw Wu, in a note to clients, says that “iPod sales are ahead of expectations, with accelerated sales of the iPod touch and third-generation Nano compensating for slowdowns with the Classic and Shuffle; an ASP of $164 is being modeled, up from $162, compared to the typical decline in ASPs this time of year,’ macNN reports.

MacNN reports that, according to Wu, “Mac sales are meanwhile expected to reach 2.3 million, instead of the consensus 2.2.”

Full article here.


  1. I’m wouldn’t be surprised by 2.5 Million Macs this quarter based on sales at my local Apple stores.
    3.0 Million Macs this quarter would be a blow out and would skyrocket AAPL to a big all time high.
    Here’s to 3.0 Mac Units this quarter!!!!

  2. 2.3 to 2.5 million? That’s doable. 2.8 to 3.0 million? Not sure if they can ramp up manufacturing that quickly. And, if they do, how much will they have to drop back to avoid a glut when things slow down after the holidays? Slow down to somewhere between 2.3 million and whatever they slowed to last year, not down to … say … #4 in the US. No, Dell might be #3 by the end of next quarter.
    Anyway, it’s nice that the rest of the country is catching on. Now, what about the IT managers and the “C’s”!

  3. They’re right, I think, about relatively slow sales of the iPhone in Europe.

    Why does Apple charge about 50% more for all its products in Europe?


    Other U.S. manufacturers don’t – e.g. Dell or HP.

    Mac sales would be huge in Europe if they kept the prices down a bit!

  4. I bought my new iMac last week, so I did my part for AAPL. It is an incredibly nice device, IMO, and amazingly quiet. Beautiful and functional. When paired with the new Samsung ML-1630 the silence is deafening – just the clicking of the keyboard and iTunes.

    It’s good to be a Mac user.

  5. “Expectations are even higher than previously thought”

    Except that Zunes are now outselling HDD iPods through a number of major outlets. Laugh all you want at the Zune, but it’s currently a better player than the aging iPod classic and Microsoft has the time and money to just keep going for as long as it takes to marginalize Apple in the MP3 player market in the same way they have marginalized Apple in the OS market.

  6. @ Dave “DL”

    I have no idea when the IT managers will catch on – ours surely won’t. Is it because they have a vested interest in keeping ‘high-maintenance” PCs as the norm (for job security)? But even our local “IT Mac specialist” sent out a memo to the dept techs last week: “Do NOT give faculty & staff Leopard” quoting the bogus ‘firewall not on by default’ issue as a reason that “clearly IT needs to test it [Leopard] further to be safe.” sigh.

  7. Hm…, I agree with your Mac specialist! And I do hope a similar requirement was set for Vista! New software, ANY new software, should be dumped in the Lab – first thing. It should be tested with as many “real-world” situations as they can think of before distributing it. Safari 3 (Leopard) works fine for MDN but not for PodOmatic. A deal-breaker for some. Your needs may differ and any business-significant uses must be confirmed OK. Except, some software is “grandfathered” in and you need to make sure new software has the same “capabilities”. Leopard does. Vista?

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