3G iPhone coming in late 2008

“Apple Inc. will introduce a version of the iPhone next year that can download from the Internet at a faster rate, AT&T Inc. Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson said,” Crayton Harrison reports for Bloomberg.

“The device will operate on third-generation wireless networks, Stephenson said today at a meeting of the Churchill Club in Santa Clara, California. San Antonio-based AT&T is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the U.S.,” Harrison reports.

“‘You’ll have it next year,’ Stephenson said in response to a question about when the 3G iPhone would debut. He said he didn’t know how much more the new version will cost than the existing model, which sells for $399. Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs ‘will dictate what the price of the phone is,’ he said,” Harrison reports.

Harrison reports, “The prospect of a new handset may make some shoppers put off buying an iPhone this year, Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray & Co. in Minneapolis, said in an e-mail. The number of shoppers who delay a purchase won’t be ‘enough to make a difference,’ he said.”

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Is Stephenson trying to freeze sales or is he just stupid? As we’ve often explained (as iPhone users already know), they could cut the speed of EDGE in half today and you’d still have to pry our iPhones out of our cold, dead hands. And, as everyone knows, if you keep waiting for the next product update, you’ll never own anything.

Anyway, this is being treated as some sort of “news” by Bloomberg, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs has already said as much and more precisely, too:

“3G chipsets… are real power hogs. Most phones now have battery lives of 2 to 3 hours and that’s due to these very power-hungry 3G chipsets… [iPhone] has 8 hours of talktime life. That’s really important when you start to use the Internet and want to use the phone to listen to music. We’ve got to see the battery lives for 3G get back up into the 5+ hour range. Hopefully we’ll see that late next year.” – Apple CEO Steve Jobs introducing iPhone to the UK, September 18, 2007. [bold emphasis added by MacDailyNews]

We’ve had our iPhones since June, purchased at the $599 price (we did cash in our $100 rebates) and we’d buy it again today at $599 rather than wait another year. The device is that good and the EDGE “issue” is that overblown.


  1. Timing is everything-
    There is a difference between Steve’s “hopefully we’ll see that late next year” delivered in a speech in September and AT&T;’s CEO categorically stating “You’ll have it next year” just as the Christmas shopping season is getting underway.

    If AT&T;had any sense of market strategy at all, that sort of statement would best be saved for AFTER the new year.

  2. It’s just like the Intel roadmap, now that Apple uses Intel chips, we know when Mac updates are coming. So, when low-power 3G radios are available, then we’ll know a 3G iPhone is coming, not any sooner. Someone at Ars must know if Qualcomm is sending out samples yet.

  3. CEO of AT&T;to his secretary…If Steve calls, tell him I am out of the office. If he calls screaming, tell him I am out of the country for a week.
    Thanks to our CEO pal at AT&T;, there will be a few hundred thousand iPhone sales this Christmas. Do people even think??

  4. “The number of shoppers who delay a purchase won’t be ‘enough to make a difference,”

    I won’t be buying an iPhone now that I know a 3G version is coming sometime in 2008. Why am I going to be stuck on a slow network for 2 years when I know something faster is right around the corner?

    Maybe if iPhone sales plummet, Apple will rush this faster 3G version to market. As long as I can get 3 hours of actual phone/web use, fine. I can live with that. Can’t live with painfully slow networks.

    3G, 3G, 3G, 3G, 3G.

  5. The tactics of His Steveness are not new. Car manufacturers invented this process long, long ago.

    Get half dozen vehicles in the queue, introduce the first one – wow, buyers show up in big numbers and then have to have the latest and best and ‘improved’ model when it is trotted out.

    So today we have the same ole crap in the tech world and Steve is the master maniuplator of them all – as confirmed by Forbes this very week.

    The fact that he covers himself – or tries to for those suckers among us who believe his marketing ploys are some kind of ‘truth’ – by saying something like ‘we’re trying hard to address the shortcomings of the current model’ is pure, 100% sucker nourishment.

    Go AAPL Go! Wow, just Wow!

  6. This is good news I’m sure, but I think it’s mostly for iPhone sales/Apple stock price. I love new technology and all that, but when it comes to UNDERSTANDING it, I’m not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. As far as I understand, though, 3G speed lies somewhere between EDGE and Wi-Fi. Having at this point a lot of iPhone EDGE vs. Wi-Fi experience, I’m not sure 3G on the iPhone will be as great as some people think. By that, I mean I’m not sure it will be THAT much faster than EDGE, therefore the user experience will not be THAT much better. I think a lot of people have in their minds that they won’t settle for anything less than 3G, regardless of what the actual difference in speed is. I will obviously be upgrading at some point, as the iPhone is by many many times the best cell phone I’ve ever had. The decision whether or not to jump in and get a second generation, however, will probably be made not because it has 3G, but because of other goodies that might be added.

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