Goldman Sachs rates Apple a ‘buy’ on Mac, iPod, iPhone strength

Retail checks from Black Friday give Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey more reason to recommend Apple Inc. (AAPL) as the company looks set to have a strong consumer quarter to end the year, Jonathan Ratner reports for FP Trading Desk.

Ratner reports, “‘We would continue to buy Apple shares heading into MacWorld and its earnings announcement in mid-January as Apple’s three major product cycles – Mac, iPod, and iPhone – fuel upside,’ he told clients in a note. ‘Apple will have multiple winners once again this holiday season, with Macs a particular standout.'”

We’ve covered the Apple stuff, but the brief article in full contains mentions of Seagate, HP, and Western Digital here.

Apple is the very definition of a triple threat.


  1. Triple threat, MDN? Don’t make me laugh. Let me guess…
    1. Proprietary MAC hardware that can’t be customized,
    2. i-PODs—none of which come in brown,
    3. Zero games for MACs

    Wow, Cupertino, I’m scared.

    Lets set the record straight when it comes to triple threats for you:
    1. Magnificent, Windows Vista,
    2. Zune,
    3. Loads of fantastic games for Windows.

    Apple doesn’t have a chance. Case closed.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. Good thing I stocked up on AAPL at a split-adjusted $10/share, and have been more buying since. The two biggest risks to the stock are Steve’s health and hoards of consumers suddenly becoming luddites.

  3. I also did my part. Bought a refurb 24″ at $1549 minus my iPhone rebate for a total of $1449. A great deal. My iMac comes tomorrow. On Black Friday bought wireless keyboard and mouse, Airport Extreme and iWork 08.

  4. Hey zuney… it turns out that the zune really saved the day for me last night. I was coming home after work, had just picked up my son from school and it started snowing pretty bad. When we got to our final hill before the driveway the car started spinning wheels. I gave it several tries but just could not quite make it. Finally my boy said “Dad, let me get out and then you give it one more try” So I did and lo and behold I made the hill.

    “What did you do son” I asked. He said “I did something I had been wanting to do ever since grandpa gave me the zune. I chucked it under the spinning car tire”!

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