Apple expected to clash with Nokia over touchscreen UI patents

“Nokia Corp. could experience delays or holdups in its smartphone strategy if rival Apple Inc. goes on the defensive to protect its intellectual property rights regarding the touch-screen iPhone,” Adam Ewing reports for MarketWatch.

“‘I think Apple will likely view Nokia as infringing on its user interface patents,’ said London-based Nomura analyst Richard Windsor Wednesday… He said Nokia is likely working on an overhaul of its s60 platform, to be ready in the second half of 2008, a move that will feature touch,” Ewing reports.

“He said Apple claims to have filed at least 200 patents relating to the touch screen user interface on the iPhone and is likely to protect them. He said Apple and Nokia would be more likely to end up in an agreement in 2009 rather than slugging it out in the courts,” Ewing reports.

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  1. On the other hand, Apple may just decide to nuke the fsck out of Nokia. Maybe that’s why they’ve been hoarding all of that cash… to make sure that none of these “larger” phone companies even get a toe hold against the iPhone technology (or at least until Apple gets a G2 or G3 iPhone on the market, then they can let the iPod story repeat itself)

  2. an iphone g3? why use such an old chip? maybe IBM can have dual g5’s ready for the iphone!

    (yes, i’m being a smartass.) =)

    anyway, being serious, if i were apple, i wouldn’t worry too much about nokia coming out with a touchscreen phone. they MIGHT be able to beat apple on the price, but on the user experience? doubtful. i bet a lot of the patents relate to the UI and multi-touch – so if nokia had a touchscreen phone that closely resembled those features, then it might be lawsuit time!

  3. Use the Force Steve–Sue em Blind!

    Steve said Apple would “vigorously” enforce its patents on the iPhone.

    They need to send a message here to the entire industry how serious they are about it- no ripoffs of what Apple has done.

  4. @matt

    For their patents to remain valid, they must “vigorously defend” them from infringement. It automatically has to be lawsuit time (assuming that Nokia ignores the cease and desist letters from Apple)

    Also, I want to know when the lawsuit will be filed against LG for the “Voyager” that Verizon is promoting right now.

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