Open-source 3D game engine in development for Apple iPhone

Gregory Ray, lead organizer of announced today that he has hired Gutemberg Ribeiro, the programmer of “Conceptus,” an open source game engine, to port his engine over to Apple’s iPhone platform. The port of the game engine will remain open source and will be available under LGPL license to allow true 3D game development on the iPhone.

The first public release of Conceptus for the iPhone is scheduled for early 2008.

The Conceptus game engine, which currently runs on the Mac, Windows, Mac, Symbian and Nintendo DS platforms, will bring ParticleFX, BSP, Octree, PagingLandscape, Zip Compression, GlGenerator, GlPostProcessor, OpenAL, and an Extension Loader to Apple’s iPhone. This will enable game developers to focus on writing game code and will leave the low level hardware code to the Conceptus engine.

It should also be mentioned that this project is being done without the support of Apple. Apple has said they will be offering official 3rd party support for native applications February 2008, however, the developers behind have been developing for the iPhone platform using a community released SDK for the iPhone. Gutemberg said in a statement, “We will need to update our engine to run off the the official Apple SDK when made available. Until then we will continue to use the community based SDK and just cross our fingers that Apple will appreciate what we are doing for their mobile platform.” is a community based free MMORPG (Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game). It is different from traditional MMOs because the game is being designed (by the community) to be played in real life using GPS to track where the players’ locations and allow them to interact with the environment or other players using their internet enabled mobile device.’s mission is to free game players from their couch and computer chairs and to get them outside and participating in real life adventures and treasure hunts. Any player can add content to the game in their local area which will seeks to provide players with a rich unending game play experience.



  1. LivingArcana seems to be stepping things up.

    But without prior Apple support, this could be an issue that stops them in the end.

    Apple may not exactly like fully open-source gaming engine for the iPhone. Why don’t they just ask Apple before they start things.

    Or maybe LivingArcana should try for the Android market!

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