Analyst: Google Android phone OS seen complementing, not competing with Apple iPhone

“Google Inc.’s Android cellphone initiative doesn’t appear to be quite the rival to Apple Inc.’s trend-setting iPhone as some first speculated,” Ben Charny reports for Dow Jones Newswires.

“Rather, as more details emerge about Google’s Android system, it is becoming clearer that Google and Apple are targeting different segments of the cellphone market. The one similarity, though, is that both companies – outsiders to the cellphone industry – are trying to disrupt the wireless market,” Charny reports.

“‘We believe Google is working with, not against, Apple in the mobile world,’ said Piper Jaffray & Co. analyst Gene Munster,” Charny reports.

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  1. I see this as the great divide for Microsoft. Looks like Google is stepping into Windows Mobile territory, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them basically steal it from Microsoft. 3-5 years down the line, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Google release a full blown OS and finish off Microsoft.

  2. It is the syndicated phone OS’s who are about to feel the most pressure, but I hope Apple feels some as well leading to further improvements.

    Apple is more protected since it’s solution has vertical integration with the Mac/Win/iTunes/iPod universes to protect it.

    The biggest danger to Android is that it will splinter like Linux/Java where the consumer is unsure which version of the OS works with which features on which phone.

  3. Is Ellis still on the board? Or is that why Bento came out of a subsidiary, rather than the parent?

    About Bento … no threat to Oracle, but it could easily be Apple’s answer to Access. It seems to fit there the way Pages fits against Word – not nearly as powerful but with all the strength 90%+ people need, and much easier to use. This needs to be folded into iWork.

    Back to the subject: Android can be folded into the iPhone, would Jobs have released an early version of the SDK to a Board Member to “Beta Test”?

  4. Analysts get paid for saying this stuff? Man, I was saying this before Android was even announced, maybe I should be an analyst! On second though, I’m probably not anal enough.

    MDN MW: “Makes”, as in “The sad thing is, this guy probably makes many times what I do.”

  5. It is useful to remember that Android has a Unix variant at is core; porting software from it to the OSX on iPhone would be relatively simple, leaving the UI issues aside. My sense is that Google very carefully positioned Android as a complement to iPhone, and as a potential co-conspirator in the effort to push back Microsoft and Windows Mobile. And while this is a ‘ways off, I could imagine Android serving as the first step towards a new communications and computing platform that could take on Windows.

  6. New rule:
    No other platform’s dominant operating system can be from Microsoft, and any OS that exists for any single platform must be able to seamlessly share information / coexist with all others.

    (like that’s gonna happen)

  7. Well the simple fact is that the future is in mobile operating systems. In this environment the monolithic Windows mobile is at a severe disadvantage from more nimble modular operating systems. If Apple and Google aren’t seeing this as an alliance to force Windows mobile into a pincer movement with iPhone at the top moving down and Android towards the bottom moving up then I would be very surprised indeed and disappointed. If the squeeze succeeds then both companies stand to not only gain a lot, it would eventually position them to attack perhaps ultimately remove the monopolistic presence of Windows on the desktop itself especially as this sector will become increasing dependent on online services. At worst success would trap Windows in an increasingly irrelevant and declining niche market away from the real growth areas but with an increasingly difficult and unprofitable legacy market supporting its very existence.

  8. Could this be the same thing that happen in the 1980’s when Jobs let Bill Gates write software for the Mac and gave him source codes. I am thinking Google is doing the same thing. Google is stealing from Apple. You never know. Even though they are friends and Allies, any loyality can be gone in a second.

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