Happy 10th Birthday, Apple Store Online!

“10 years ago, on November 10, 1997, the Apple Store opened online for US customers,” setteB.IT reports. At the time, you could buy Mac OS 8, G3 Macs, and Newtons!

“In the first 12 hours the Apple Store had 4.4 million hits and got US$500,000 in orders,” setteB.IT reports.

“Apple Store for UK opened on May 1998; Sweden on September 1998; Belgium + France + Germany + The Netherlands + Spain + Italy on January 1999; Japan on February 1999; Austria and Swtzerland on March 1999,” setteB.IT reports.

“On May 1998 with the availability of the PowerBook G3 ‘WallStreet’ the Apple Store achieved 1.9 million dollar and the new Apple Store Education its first million,” setteB.IT.

Full article (in Italian) here.

Full article (in English via Google Translation here.


  1. @ Treehouse
    “Obviously, even slower in opening their own stores.”

    Whereas industry-leading Gateway Country stores were first on the scene, and to this day, their visionary design and market-busting profitability are the envy of the rest of the compu-…

    Oh wait, never mind.

  2. It’s really difficult not being Ampar. I liked the drug names. The rare bird was fun too. Life is short. Too short. Wish me luck as I defy the odds once again.

    I would love to party with ChrissyOne and TowerTone and Jim the IV at least one time. Love you guys.

    And you too, Cubert.

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