Louisiana begins rolling out over 3,600 Apple MacBooks to students and teachers

“Maplewood Middle School will be the first of 54 schools in the state [of Louisiana] to receive laptop computers through the Turn On To Learning education initiative,” Heather R. White reports for The American Press.

“The initiative provides Apple MacBook laptops to two classes of sixth-grade students in each school district in the state. Fifty students and four teachers at Maplewood received nearly $70,000 worth of technology last Wednesday,” White reports.

“‘TOTL delivers on my promise to provide laptops to middle schools,’ said Blanco. ‘It is a beginning and one that future policymakers can’t retreat from.’ She said all Louisiana schools will one day feature laptop computers,” White reports.

“According to Blanco, Apple developed the “digital backpack” laptop package specifically for the program. The laptops have wireless capabilities that allow for connection to overhead projectors and are equipped with the latest software,” White reports. “The state has appropriated $5 million in hardware and software for the program.”

“Blanco said the 3,530 students and 153 teachers receiving the laptops will provide a tremendous amount of insight. The state has provided the same laptops to district personnel, state colleges of education and technical centers to provide a network of support,” White reports.

Full article here.

The Sulphur Southwest Daily News also covers the story here.

Louisiana’s Turn on to Learning website (Made on a Mac, naturally) is here.

More info about Apple Macs in Education here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mr. Mac” for the heads up.]


  1. “Now just imagine how positive this would be had it taken place in a state that actually matters.”

    Typical statement from a scumbag that doesn’t have the guts to use a handle. I live and raise my children in Louisiana, therefore it matters. Where do you live, “way to go”? Wherever it is, I’m sure it’s the epicenter of culture.

  2. Poor frost plays his/her hand, but reveals what he/she is really all about… hatred.
    Give the politics a rest already, everyone already knows the left has only meanness, spite, hatred and the race card to play, and we didn’t need you to remind us.

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