ZDNet’s Kingsley-Hughes: Mac OS X Leopard’s Time Machine ‘brilliant, fantastic, an absolute winner’

“Time Machine is Apple’s answer to the problems associated with backing up data. The idea behind the utility is to make the process as quick, simple, and as painless as possible. The easier the backup process is, the more likely people are to use it and the safer their data will be,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes blogs for ZDNet.

“Rather than waffle on about Time machine, I’m just going to cut to the point. Is Time Machine as good as Apple wants us to believe it is? In a word, yes. My experiences with Time Machine so far lead me to conclude that it’s not just good, it’s brilliant. It’s fantastic. It’s what I wish every backup tool was like,” Kingsley-Hughes reports.

Kingsley-Hughes details why he’s “thrilled” with Time Machine and calls it “an absolute winner” in the full article here.

Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard’s Time Machine:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.


  1. @aribitrary code

    You mean the blue screen that’s induced only when the user has an extremely hacky piece of outdated software installed? The same software that makes system level changes to the OS code? In fact, bits of code that aren’t at all arbitrary…?

    MDN Magic Word: actually

    as in, it actually sucks 🙁

  2. It is good to see Apple’s real strength, the real foundation upon which the company is built, finally getting some attention. Mac OS X is quite possibly the most elegant and powerful general purpose operating system on the planet right now. Windows VISTA is crap in comparison. LINUX is an unpolished science project in comparison. When idiots ask Apple to build “Windows based Macs” it makes me laugh cause they just don’t get it. I don’t buy the box cause it’s pretty, I’m buying it cause that’s where OS X lives. Congratulations Apple on a job well done. Kinda makes up for the iphone.

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