Molson beer contest confirms Apple iPhone coming to Canada in January

“It looks like Apple Inc.’s iPhone may soon be headed to Canada, although not in time for the holidays,” Catherine McLean reports for The Globe and Mail Update

“Molson Dry beer is giving away iPhones, valued at $800 [Canadian], as one of a number of prizes in a marketing contest. The rules note that the iPhones will only be available as of January 2008 on the wireless network of Rogers Communications Inc. While winners will get the cool new cellphones for free, they will need to pay for the service themselves,” McLean reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Shawn P.” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ll bet the prize is actually a “prize package” that includes some kind of data package from Rogers.

    This is the only reasonable possibility.

    While Apple hasn’t changed the prices of their computers yet, they ARE offering Leopard at the same price as the US.

    I suspect the price change will happen for hardware soon. I’ll bet it’s to let retailers like London Drugs keep from getting hosed.

  2. Drell…this also pertains to Apple products in general. They are just more expensive up here. They have not changed even though the dollar has moved from 70¢ to 1.03 American.

    We should expect SOME reduction in price!

  3. Looks like Molson will be booted in favor of Labatt’s now – but we won’t know that until January, when it’s announced – and we find out that SJ blew a gasket and cancelled the original deal. :/

    (Remember that little spat with the video board maker a few years back?)

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