Valleywag: There is no Googlephone

“There is no Googlephone. Last week, at the Web 2.0 Summit conference, I finally got confirmation that Google’s not getting into the cell-phone business. How? I overheard a rep from Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, chatting up a vice president at Google,” Owne Thomas reports for Valleywag. “Now, I know this particular executive is utterly guileless; she wouldn’t lie. And when the Foxconn rep tried to pitch her on getting a contract to make the Googlephone, she replied, flat-out, ‘We’re not making a Googlephone.'”

Thomas reports, “The Googlephone, however, has worked like a charm in two ways: First a threat. The Googlephone was a useful fiction, a way to scare carriers and phonemakers into cooperating with Google, and spook Microsoft into cutting its licensing fees for Windows Mobile… Second, the Googlephone functioned as a fantasy. A very useful fantasy. Like the Apple rumor mill, the cottage industry in Googlephone speculation served as free, crowdsourced market research. Gizmodo, Engadget, and the rest spun countless feature wishlists out of Larry and Sergey’s phone folly.”

Thomas reports, “Too bad it was all for naught. There is no Googlephone, folks. Move along.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]


  1. Daniel Eran Dilger of RoughlyDrafted has written an interesting article on the “gPhone” that can be perused at your leisure here .

    As usual, Daniel, deconstructs, many of the myths relating to Apple and Apple’s contextual universe.

    If you have not yet visited RoughlyDrafted, then “do you’re self a favor” and check it out.

  2. Well it looks like MS is working with their partners to get their phones to sell for under $100 dollars. Instead of innovating a win, they will undercut the iPhone. With their limitless profits from their Monopoly, they can afford to sell at a loss to win. As long as the corporate world is stuck with MS Exchange, all these Smartphones will continue to beat back the iPhone…. and MS will probably do anything to keep Apple out of that cash cow market.

    Microsoft, Facing IPhone Challenge, Plans Phones for Under $100

  3. Aha. Lock it into active directory. Which is tied in to Windows OS, which is a monopoly that owns the business world. Clever.

    Forget innovation the traditional way, innovate instead to take advantage of your monopoly!

    “Windows Mobile devices are to be integrated with Active Directory, which will enable enterprises to manage smartphones using the same policies and infrastructure already used to control Windows PCs, according to Microsoft.”

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