Woz champions feral cats

&ot”The homeless cat problem in Santa Clara County [California] went global Tuesday: Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak launched a video on YouTube.com about the estimated 125,000 stray and feral cats here and urged people to get involved,” Linda Goldston reports for The San Jose Mercury News. “His video introduces a film trailer about the ‘Cats Without a Home’ documentary, produced last year by Humane Society Silicon Valley.”

Humane Society of Silicon Valley – Cats Without a Home with Steve Wozniak:

Goldston continues, “The computer whiz urges viewers of the video to go to the www.hssv.org site to order the 30-minute documentary and learn how they can help homeless cats in their neighborhoods. Copies of the DVD film are $15 each.”

Full article here.


  1. Para-Racoon, “As a cat lover and home to six cats myself I can honestly say you are a pathetic excuse for a human being.”

    I have a neighbor who has 12 cats. Her house stinks and she’s wondering why it won’t sell. Outside cats are fine, just don’t feed them. That’s why God made mice.

  2. Ooh, you can so tell the cat haters on here. Cats are very clean animals by nature Ron, I think the issue is having so many in one place. If they don’t get on very well they will mark territory by spraying. If you have one or only a few that are neutered or spayed they have plenty of space and get the chance to establish territory and as a result they will not spray to mark. They use scent glands in their face which have absolutely no discernible odour unless you are a cat.

    Our house doesn’t smell bad and we have six cats. Cats hate messy places too. They like to know where everything is in case they are attacked and need to make a quick escape.

    Anyone who hates cats is just a dumb bigot. its like saying you hate dogs because one bad tempered dog bit you once.

    Cat haters just like dog haters are just ignorant and stupid. A bit like a racist really. They hate things they don’t understand or have no real familiarity with. Dirty pierre, I aimed that one at you butt head!!!

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