Apple makes Mac OS X Leopard-specific .Mac enhancements

.MacApple reports via a support document (306721) that improvements were made to .Mac Sync on October 19, 2007:

To ensure uninterrupted service, use Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later. To check which Mac OS X version you’re running, select About This Mac under the Apple menu. If you’re using Mac OS X 10.4 through 10.4.9, update to Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later.

If you use Mac OS X 10.3.9 or earlier, be aware that in order to accommodate new enhancements, .Mac Sync will no longer support syncing calendars between a Mac OS X 10.3.x-based Mac and a Mac OS X 10.4.x-based Mac. Syncing calendars between two Mac OS X 10.3.x-based Macs is unaffected.
These changes will help enable .Mac Sync to do more than ever before.

More info here.

MacDailyNews Note: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will feature the ability to sync Dashboard widget preferences, Dock items, application and system preferences, and Mail notes across all your Leopard-based Mac computers.


  1. Unfortunately, where I work, we’re stuck on 10.3 due to software compatibility issues. Yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous and irritating, and IMHO, totally avoidable, but due to certain parties in charge being afraid of change (even for the better), that’s what we’re stuck with. So, yes, there are still some people on 10.3, believe it or not.

  2. Who still uses 10.3? —eric

    Whoever still uses 10.3 should take what they can get and be happy. Complaints about lack of 10.3 support at this stage of the game are a sure sign of serious mental illness. Consult a qualified therapist, not Apple.

  3. Karateka- That brings back some memories!

    My fave ][e games were-
    Ultima ][ & 3
    (that’s all I can remember)

    Karateka was cool but I seem to remember that it didn’t have many levels
    Remember Castle Wolfenstien? the first game I owned that actually talked. “Ahctung!” (sic)
    How about Wizardry?

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