Microsoft’s Windows Vista flop costs company £20 million in lost profits

“DSG, which runs the PC World and Currys chains, warned today that disappointing sales of Microsoft’s Vista operating system have cost it £20m in lost profit,” Julia Finch and Graeme Wearden report for The Guardian.

“The retailer said that sales of computers running Vista, and boxed copies of the software, had both failed to meet its expectations,” Finch and Wearden report.

“DSG had expected consumers to trade up their hardware to use the new operating system and the group’s PC World chain ordered in tens of thousands more laptops in anticipation. But the rush never arrived and PC World was forced to slash prices to get rid of the overstocks – cutting margins by 200 basis points,” Finch and Wearden report.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Vista: Microsoft’s Windows Albatross. Ultimate edition.

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  1. I’ve never understood how people can say ‘lost profit’. There are never any guarantees for making profit to begin with. Profit isn’t a birthright for companies. How can you lose something you never had.

    Just like the RIAA saying lost sales for ALL digital downloads. No guarantee they would have ever bought to begin with.

  2. I don’t believe this guy. Microsoft says that Vista has exceeded expectations (and I doubt a company that prestegious would lie). The only logical conclusion is that this retail chain is doing something wrong. My guess is that they’ve figured out some way to keep the demo machines running and let users see that they’re paying for. If he had any brains at all, he’d know that you’re supposed to cripple the machines, blame the problems on unsupervised kids, and promis that Vista will work great once the customer gets it home. Doesn’t this guy know anything?!?!?!

  3. From what we are experiencing with the latest “gold” build of Leopard, may I suggest to MDN that it’s a bit premature to keep on trashing the standard by which Apple and it’s products are judged.

    Our best IT guy says this… (1) get a PC box or enclosure of any kind – including any Mac container – (2) wipe the drive to get rid of all extraneous crap and crud, (3) install any version of Vista and watch it rock ‘n roll. Stable as a rock, a great experience.

    Mac machines will come with Leopard and start off clean as a whistle. So, what if Leopard doesn’t work. Then what?

  4. Having played with the pre-Gold build, I’d say that Caution Ahead is a wee bit pessimistic. Perhaps he’s an El Reg reader. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

    559 was already pretty tight. There were issues here and there, but no great instabilities, and the system was quite fast, even on my G4 1.5 GHz PowerBook, running on FW800 from an external disk. I felt the slowdown coming back to Tiger.

    There are small things, and there will continue to be small things. Compared to the Jag->Tiger transition, though, it will be No Big Deal®

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