Madonna eliminates the Middlebronfman

Apple iTunes“Madonna has signed a recording and touring deal with concert promoter Live Nation, ending her 25-year relationship with record label Warner Music,” The BBC News reports.

“The pop star, 49, has been with Warner Music for her entire career. She has sold 200 million records and CDs since her 1983 debut album,” The Beeb reports. “The deal covers all of Madonna’s future music-related activities – including tours, three new albums, merchandise, her website, DVDs, sponsorship and films.”

“‘The paradigm in the music business has shifted and as an artist and a businesswoman, I have to move with that shift,’ the singer said. ‘For the first time in my career, the way that my music can reach my fans is unlimited. I’ve never wanted to think in a limited way and with this new partnership, the possibilities are endless,'” The Beeb reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Steve J.” for the heads up.]

Madonna follows in the footsteps of Prince, Radiohead, NIN and begins to eliminate the superfluous, greedy, and shortsighted music cartel dinosaurs from the equation. Now there’s a decapitation strategy!

[Note: “Middlebronfman” is a combination of “middleman” and “Bronfman” (Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr.) which first appeared in a MacDailyNews article on Monday, October 03, 2005 with the sentence, “Eliminate the Middlebronfman.”]


  1. I was *just* about to submit this article to MDN and saw it’s already been added.

    I think this deal is significant confirmation of the changes happening in the music industry and being led by companies such as Apple.

    I purchased The Confessions Tour video from iTunes a few days ago and I can’t get enough of it. Madonna sure knows how to put on an entertaining show! And she’s such a down-to-Earth, in-the-moment kinda girl. I have renewed respect for her.

  2. “I purchased The Confessions Tour video from iTunes a few days ago and I can’t get enough of it”

    … OF all things to purchase from iTunes, why on earth would you purchase “The Confessions Tour Video?”

    For the same price, you could have gotten the (physical) double disc package which includes the Audio CD as well as the DVD with multi-channel DTS surround, and all the backstage bonus footage..

    I had to laugh when I saw that iTunes was charging the same price as the double DVD disc.

    …. and related to the article.. Way to go Madonna!

  3. Don’t forget EMI – I am sure they’re just as greedy, but they’ve been meeting customer needs. Don’t tar them with the same brush.

    BTW, does this mean that Apple or Madonna gets the larger cut of the 99¢ iTunes sale?

  4. “BTW, does this mean that Apple or Madonna gets the larger cut of the 99¢ iTunes sale”

    Neither, Madonna’s catalog up until this point will remain owned by Warner.. This deal affects her future recordings only.

  5. In the immortal words of the Italian fans in the “Truth or Dare” (I think) video:

    MADonna, MADonna, MADonna!

    Love her or hate her, Madonna’s one of the biggest names in the music industry. Her giving the finger to the “establishment” will hopefully encourage others to do the same.

    I think we music lovers, no matter what kind of music we like, just want our music. And those of us who really love the music want to support the artists with an equitable distribution agreement that sees the profits from the sales go to them, not to some sleezy record executive. Of course, it costs to keep distribution infrastructure, like iTunes Music Store, up and running, and of course they should be compensated fairly for that service. Coke-snorting slimebags, however, should be cut out of the equation as quickly as possible.

    MW: Smooth move, Madonna!

  6. This is great news, even if I don’t give a hoot about Madonna, because I hope more musicians will follow her lead. The more the old music cartel paradigm is shattered, the better for the artists and consumers.

  7. “Ummmm…. She wanted 120 million to re-sign the deal. They didn’t think she was worth it. End of story.”


    Actually, that is completely false.

    She put Maverick (her label and division of Warner) for sale for 120 million. She got 95 million instead. The sale of her label and stake in the company had nothing to do with her wanting to re-sign.. It was her intention all along to break from Warner..

  8. Madonna is a very smart woman! Here is someone who is looking at the future of the music industry and for her fans. Separated from the likes of GREEDY Record labels and there GREEDY CEO’s like Edgar Bronfman Jr. who only want there share and don’t really care about anything else. Sometimes even when it isn’t there share they still want it. Like when this IDIOT said that he deserves part of the profits made from iPod sales.

    Congratulations Madonna on a real forward looking smart move that will make your fans happier and you will certainly see a lot more of the profits that way too!

  9. CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. has been hurting sales of music every time he opened his mouth. Especially accusing fans of stealing which he still does. He doesn’t help artists sell there music anymore he actually hurts there sales. The artists know it to and I think we will see many more main stream artists go the way of making there own label and sales and get rid of the likes of Warner, Sony, BMG, and such. They only promote DRM and higher prices, not sales of artists music. They promote accusing of there own customers of stealing instead of lowering the prices and getting rid of DRM which doesn’t work no matter what form it’s in anyway. If you went to a store and before you got passed the door you were accused of stealing. Would you want to shop there or buy any products from that store. No I didn’t think so. That’s what the artists are seeing when the CEO’s of the record labels talk. Always negative, and lately always negative about the very customers they sell there stuff too. This is not the kind of environment artists like Madonna want to be in so now she’s taken care of that. Right on!!!

  10. Ha! This is really good news to me even if I don’t listen to Madonna at all.

    I was very pissed during the last days because of the reports of Universal’s plans to fight iTunes over price dumping and its own subscribtion service.

    The majors don’t get it: The nineties are over and Apple showed them what the new business model of the music industry will be.

    There is no need for this kind of record labels anymore! Even if Prince was a bit to early with his experiment, I’m shure more big acts will follow.


    @Universal: Cashflow should be generated throug a steady output of good products, not throug a subscription fee for lending old ones! (…you stupid lazy nuts!)

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