Greenpeace attacks Apple over ‘hazardous chemicals’ in iPhone

“Scientific tests, arranged by Greenpeace, reveal that Apple’s iPhone contains hazardous chemicals. The tests uncovered two types of hazardous substances, some of which have already been eliminated by other mobile phone makers,” Greenpeace writes on their Website.

“We watched closely when the iPhone was launched in June for any mention of the green features of the phone from Apple. There was none,” Greenpeace writes.

“So we bought a new iPhone in June and sent it our Research Laboratories in the UK. Analysis revealed that the iPhone contains toxic brominated compounds (indicating the prescence of brominated flame retardants (BFRs)) and hazardous PVC,” Greenpeace writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Greenpeace never misses a good PR bandwagon upon which to jump.


  1. Maybe I shouldn’t have drank that after I blended it….

    Also, Greenpeace, while you are spending money to save lives, could you go back and double check all those DDT test, re-submit them so we can see if banning it was worth all those lives lost to Malaria?

    I know that would be helping the poor in Africa and Central America, rather than hurting a US corporation, but think of all the money you could make when you find out the truth….

  2. Greenpeace = politics over the environment.

    A recent posting on Greenpeace pointed out that Apple is using more aluminum these days. AND THAT IS BAD! they say. After all, aluminum requires high energy to create.

    Of course they forget that you get to recycle aluminum vs letting it rust. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> These guys are totally losing it over their hate of things Apple.



  3. I’ve been a supporter of greenpeace in the past, but sheesh! Just about EVERY electronic device has some form of toxic chemical in it.

    Given Apple’s current high media profile, to single them out is just base a publicity ploy. I guess they got plenty of free press the last time they pointed the finger at Apple and figured to cash in again and weasel some more.

    I’d guess from this that contributions to Greenpeace must be down! I prefer to give my green contributions to others: The Nature Conservancy, NRDC, Rails to Trails, ZPG, etc.

  4. Hrm.. research laboratories setup to test consumer products to see if they are toxic.

    Here’s a better idea. Research fuel replacements, viable substitutes for coal power and managing general waste. THEN you might get someone’s attention instead of playing politics.. *yawn*

    New age hippies are still hippies, missing the big picture all over again..

  5. Given the front-page praise devoted to Al Gore on Apple’s main page over this past weekend, the timing on this attack from Greenpeace seems rather strange.

    Must be nice to have a political cause where you can always claim that, no matter how much a person/company is doing to help, they’re never quite doing enough.

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