Report: Sun and Samsung developing Apple iPhone ‘killer’

“Sun Microsystems Inc and Samsung Electronics Co are jointly developing a mobile phone to challenge Apple Inc’s iPhone, a South Korean newspaper reported yesterday, quoting Sun chairman Scott McNealy,” The Associated Press reports.

“McNealy said on Tuesday in Seoul that the companies were working on a “Java phone” that would surpass Apple’s iPhone in functionality and cost less, the mass-circulation JoongAng Ilbo reported,” AP reports.

“Spokespersons for Sun in South Korea and the US could not immediately be reached for comment,” AP reports. “Samsung spokeswoman Lee Soo-jeong in Seoul said ‘no decision has been made regarding co-development of the Java phone.’ She said that a meeting has taken place between the two sides “to introduce the idea” but would not elaborate on its timing or any details.”

Full article here.

Good luck with that guys — don’t forget to peruse Apple’s granted and pending iPhone-related patents while you develop your “killer.”


  1. MDN –Sun has patents on touch remember two years ago before the iphone was announced that Sun live on a stage demoed a touch technology. Sun’s OS are as good or better then apples, apple actually license many of Sun’s OS elements.

  2. There is absolutely NOTHING like free advertising for one’s product. Every time one of these “inspired” companies announces something like an “iPod Killer” or “iPhone Killer,” it’s money in the bank for Apple.

    Keep going, guys. Without OS X and the vaunted “economy of scale” that Apple enjoys, there’s just no way you can produce a device as sophisticated and economical as the iProduct line. No way.

    But it’s fun to watch you try!

  3. Marketing 101 Playbook:

    When you don’t have something to launch yet, stall sales of the competition by pre-announcing.


    No one gives a patooty Scott what you’ve got

    A. By the time it arrives to market Apple will have an iPhone nano to contend with, and your product will look like an out-of-date Zune attempt.

    B. It won’t connect to iTunes, where over 125 million store, manage and acquire more conent (soon to be 150 million…).

    C. You don’t have anything but carriers or your own lame non-consumer friendly advertising agencies to work with – good luck with all that.

    D. Lastly, you are just using Apple’s iPhone name in an attempt to ride the PR wave and get some free play for a me-too device – whenever it might show up.

  4. Everyone is talking. No one has delivered. I love how they say it will be an iPhone “killer” before they have a product. Shut up and get to work! Let us know when you have the “killer” instead of talking about it. No “me too” product is going to kill the iPhone or the iPod or iTunes for that matter. They call it a “killer” to get publicity plain and simple.

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