BusinessWeek scribe won’t buy iPhone until Apple allows third-party apps

“I don’t own an iPhone, and I don’t think I ever will. That may come as a surprise to anyone acquainted with my long history of owning and liking Apple (AAPL) products,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for BusinessWeek.

“It’s not that I don’t think it’s an extraordinary device. Having tried it, I think it represents a fundamental step forward in what a mobile phone can be. And it sure looks like it’s going to be imitated six ways to Sunday,” Hesseldahl writes.

“But what I can’t take is how Apple is keeping the iPhone from evolving in a manner consistent with its corporate heritage. Over the years I’ve owned many wireless devices, including a Treo, three or four BlackBerrys, and tested my share of phones running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and the Symbian OS, majority owned by Nokia,” Hesseldahl writes.

“In almost every case, I’ve had an important option I wouldn’t get on the iPhone: installing third-party software,” Hesseldahl writes.

“Apple insiders argue privately that the iPhone is a new device. In time, they say, maybe the development policy could change, though none say definitively that it ever will… So I’m not going to buy an iPhone. And until Apple commits to changing this ridiculous policy, I don’t think you should either.”

Full article here.

All this bloviating about iPhone and third-party apps has an excellent chance of looking rather silly in hindsight. Regardless, if you want to stick with a second-rate (or worse) smartphone and their baby Web browsers, horrible interfaces, minuscule low-res screens, styluses and/or sloppy uni-touch screens and/or forty tiny plastic buttons, incomprehensible menus, and buried and/or unusable features in order to somehow force Apple to begin offering third-party “Made for iPhone” apps via the iTunes Store before they’re ready to do so, then go for it.

Third-party apps or not: You can have our iPhones when you pry them from our cold dead hands.


  1. “So I’m not going to buy an iPhone. And until Apple commits to changing this ridiculous policy, I don’t think you should either.”

    First, I don’t fu*king care if your not buying an iPhone you whinny bitch.
    Second, don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t do, you microtard.

    I hate these idiots and they think there opinion matters just because they say they “like Apple and it’s products”, and it hurts their little feelings that they can’t install some shitty little poorly written 3rd party app, which they won’t even use anyway.

    Like this douche not buying an iPhone will hurt Apple. Like he thinks he’s that important. Moron.

    Please don’t buy an iPhone. EVER.

  2. @ Arik Hesseldahl

    You’re kind of a nincompoop, aren’t you?
    You don’t think I should either? Well thanks for looking out for me, honey. You’re the best! Should I put off buying a new car until they fly? Or put off buying a new camera until Canon let’s me install a “Flying Toaster” screen saver? I’m so glad you’re around to help me!!!

    Oh, and One More Thing, MDN…

    “bloviating”? That’s a new one!


  3. All of you guys who are cussing your brains out about how you would NEVER need any 3rd Party apps on YOUR iPhone, obviously haven’t even taken the time to see what many of them offered.

  4. Well, the dude may be nuts, but he does have a point. There is so much that can be done with 3rd party apps on the iPhone. I’m talking real apps, not Web 2.0 apps (which aren’t bad but have their limits). I’ll bet Apple will allow 3rd-party apps on the NEXT generation iPhone, which will suck ass for the rest of us. Just watch.

  5. I get so tired of people bitchin’ about not having 3rd party apps, locked to one network, blah, blah, blah. For crying out loud technology pundits and the like, give Steve J and the folk at Cupertino at least a quarter or two to evaluate what the iPhone currently is and what is could be. It’s a new platform and new business for Apple and they need a baseline. The are treading at their own pace. And I’m sure they’ve already heard all the <airquoute> problems </airquote>. Good Lord.

  6. Well I’m typing this on my iPod touch which is basically an iPhone sans phone and I’ve got to say this is the coolest gadget I have EVER owned, being able to surf the web on a device this small is the stuff you see in sci-fi films set in 100 years time.

    I’m glad I bought one, and will definitly be getting an iPhone when they come over to the UK.

    So thanks for the advice, but I think i’ve made my mind up.

  7. The iPhone has been and remains to be capable of EVERYTHING Apple says it is capable of. I see no wrong doing. I hope Arik Hesseldahl avoids writing about Apple in the future. I’d rather no see his gobble-D-gook on this web site.

  8. I think he is on to something. I just hope Apple does not repeat the same mistakes it did when introducing the Apple computer/Mac OS is the early 80’s. The day someone comes out with something that the iPhone can’t do, or does it better — bye-bye iPhone. I’m concerned that Apple still has not released a solution for Exchange Server, preventing MILLIONS from even considering getting the phone. What about flash? As an iPhone owner, the more features/apps I can get on my phone the better. Think different people…… dont be Apple sheep.

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