Caris & Co. ups Apple estimates, boosts price target to $175 on strong Mac, iPhone sales

Caris & Co. analyst Shebly Seyrafi has upped his target price on Apple Inc. (AAPL) from $165 to $175.

Seyrafi has also increased his EPS targets to $3.91 from $3.87 for fiscal 2007, to $4.61 from $4.47 for 2008, and to $5.48 from $5.08 for 2009.

Seyrafi’s higher estimates are based on strong Mac sales and increased iPhone unit growth following the new price point.

The analyst estimates iPhone sales of 1.4 million units, up from 1 million, for the September quarter. Seyrafi also estimates calendar 2009 Mac sales of 12.1 million units, up from 9.8 million, noting that “the PC market is strong and AAPL is a share gainer.”


  1. Well, ChrissyOne, you usually have some smart stuff to say when you grace the MDN pages. So I have come to respect your opinion.

    But I noticed that last time you made a stock prediction (I am trying to remember but I think it was $150 for the last earnings call) you overshot by a few bucks and then AAPL went down to around 128. Unfortunately it didn’t close above $150 until just the past week. But, hey, it’s a game of chance (and hedge fund manipulation) so I can’t fault you.

    Still, I am interested in seeing how your prognostication skill stack up this time. Will you redeem yourself; or will I have to turn my eyes in search of a new stock prophet? Not that it matters. If not $168 now (this earnings call) then it will merely happen later.

  2. @ Count Chocula

    I wasn’t wrong about anything. The stock follows a very predictable pattern of a long, steady run-up to earnings, then everyone panics and sells off, thinking that Apple could never, ever top the quarter they just finished. And every year they do it.
    I don’t really care about a two-month slump, honey, I’ve owned and accumulated AAPL for 6 years. So my current prediction is what it is – 168 *by* earnings. What happens after that is not included. In past years, the fall quarter stays pretty strong going into the holiday season, so I would not expect a sell-off this time, especially with the Leopard/Vista stars aligning like they seem to be.

    We’ll see. I’m all in.


    MW: ‘tax’

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