Microsoft extends Windows XP sales until June 2008 after Vista backlash

“Microsoft will continue to sell both retail and OEM (pre-installed) copies of Windows XP for five months more than originally planned,” MacNN reports.

“The software developer has encountered an unprecedented level of resistance to its Windows upgrade since its release early this year, with large-scale computer builders such as Dell restoring an XP option either due to a lack of stable hardware drivers or customer complaints relating to software compatibility and performance. Microsoft recently began offering an XP downgrade licensing option for system builders who wanted to let customers fall back to the earlier OS for systems that would normally ship with Vista,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You know something seriously sucks when Windows XP is the preferred option. Sometimes we don’t know whether to laugh at or pity the sufferers, so we alternate between both. Get a Mac: it’s what you really want.


  1. Vista is the best thing to happen to Apple since the return of Steve Jobs.

    Imagine… all the PC makers of the world except Apple depend on Microsoft to provide a viable OS. Microsoft is going to bring them all down, and Apple will benefit greatly.

  2. “Looks like the only thing going well for Microsoft is Halo 3.”

    Yes, and the innovative minds in the MS marketing department have decided that this game may help spawn sales of other MS products.

    They’re going to call it, (wait for it) the Halo Effect.

  3. Yeah, baby, OS 9. That’s the ticket! Gimme back the ’90s, please!!!

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    I’m so happy I don’t use Windows machines.

  4. I agree that Vista has got to be the best thing to happen to Apple in recent memory. I’m switching over to Mac after years of suffering and hoping Microsoft and the PC world would get their act together (15 years is plenty long enough to wait for change). How can Microsoft self-destruct like this? How can they be completely relying upon Halo 3 to do well?

    Their brand image is miraculously now worse than it was a couple years ago and that is sad. Fundamentally one has to ask the following key question – how can a major software company with really deep coffers after over 20 years of experience writing and selling programs still have major quality control issues?

  5. Vista backlash? I smell fear from the MAC lemmings as the MAC propaganda machine is running at full steam today. You can play games on Vista and install it on your choice of hardware. Can you say the same for your MACs? Of course not.

    Vista is the best thing to happen to Windows enthusiasts since the coronation of the terrific Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO—BTW great job on Vista, Steve. Let me put this in words you MAC lemmings might comprehend: I’ve seen the future of MAC OS XII to be released in 2013 and it’s called Microsoft Windows Vista. Apple knows this and they’re scrambling. Expect Leopard to be delayed another couple of years just to match half of Vista’s awesome features and save face. Dorks.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  6. <h4>And yet, everybody keeps talking about how they’re going to buy it after it gets all fixed up… Or better yet I’ll just stick with my good ole XP… I’m just gonna keep buyin my Windows… Duh, there just ain’t nothin else out there, uh, duh…</h4>

    Ok, I guess I just can’t talk about his anymore it just pisses me off too much.

    MW=”told” – As in, you’re been told.

  7. To play Devil’s Advocate, there was a very large contingent of anti-OS X Macolites when it was first introduced. And I know there are STILL a few holdouts using OS 9. Apple’s control of the entire product made it easier to ‘encourage’ its users to move to arguably ‘not-ready-for-prime-time’ first release of OS X. Apple new it had to push people out of their comfort zones to move to a system that would ultimately allow them to move forward. Microsoft has long been saddled with a universe of users that values legacy more than progress. Vista may be a mess, but if Apple had the same business model and user base as MS, it would have been faced with the same mutiny over the OS9/OSX move as MS now faces with XP/Vista.

  8. …You can play games on Vista and install it on your choice of hardware…

    Is that all vista Does

    Tang. Please can you use correct name, Mac as in Macintosh.

    You can play games on mac not as many, but many good ones.
    And you cannot install Windows on any hardware
    it must be a Intel 086 type CPU. so you must buy this harware,
    Mac hardware is a lesser choice here but most people find a machine.

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