Spreading the news of Apple Mac’s ability to run Windows can dramatically boost Mac market share

“Much, if not all, of the attention regarding Apple has been focused on the iPhone… Certainly the iPhone is relevant to Apple’s performance, but ostensibly it’s the Macintosh computers that will have the most impact. Specifically, the Mac’s ability to run Windows natively has the potential to be a colossal catalyst for boosting Mac market share,” Turley Muller writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Apple released Bootcamp, which allows Mac users to install and run Windows just like one would on a PC. Apple’s new OS, OS X 10.5 “Leopard”, slated for release this November will include Bootcamp software. Additionally, third party software [Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMWare Fusion] allows users to run Windows and Mac OS simultaneously,” Muller writes.

“The Windows capability has not yet been aggressively publicized by Apple, and analysts and investors have been relatively quiet on this issue. Yet, for more than two decades, the lack of Windows compatibility has been the primary reason behind consumers’ decision to NOT purchase a Mac computer. Now that Windows can be installed on Macs, sales could really explode. I believe that this aspect of Apple should garner more attention,” Muller writes.

Apple has “enormous room for potential growth from seizing share from the Windows PC makers- Dell et al.,” Muller writes. “Why would someone choose a Dell or Gateway when they can buy a Mac, and not lose Windows functionality, yet gain all the benefits of Mac OS? I think that is a very central question. Especially since Mac prices have become more competitive.”

“We have seen a dramatic increase in Mac sales and market share, yet I perceive the general consumer is unaware of the Windows capability. I am confident that when a more aggressive publicity campaign occurs, Mac sales will react robustly,” Muller writes. “Just from anecdotal evidence, people I have surveyed exhibit little awareness. Eventually that will change with time, and the impact on Apple’s revenues will be much greater than the iPhone or iPod… It’s not unreasonable to predict that Apple can progress to 10% share soon.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. I would think that spreading the word that you needn’t run Windows on a Mac would be sufficient to boost Mac Market Share!

    MDN Magic Word: “average” – the average consumer does not yet realize there is an alternative to the nightmare that is Windows.

  2. It is odd toe that this is considered to be suc a hughly important feature, especially since it is something that you could do for quite some time if you really wanted or needed. I ran virtual pc on my powerPC mac for years. Was GREAT but it was a solution for the one or two win apps i needed.

    The other thing, i know very few mac users that even care about this feature or have ever used it.

  3. The types of people who would want, or need, to run Windows should just buy PCs. Too many of their kind on our platform already, the inevitable result being Mac application travesties such as “Macintosh Explorer.” So what’s the over/under on seeing a Mac version of BeigeMaker Pro 2000? Ugh! Just keep them out.

  4. i seem to recall a Get A Mac ad that went something like this:

    Mac : “I’m a Mac”
    PC” “and I’m a PC”
    Mac: “and I’m a PC too”

    then it ended up with PC whining about depreciating. classic. =)

  5. @uiuuu

    Are you drunk? Anyway, the ability for a Mac to run Windows is an incredible selling point, and it’s one that I employ regularly for apps like Microsoft Access and Visio. I need to be able to access and collaborate with them, and it’s GREAT to not have two machines for this purpose.


    Microsoft has ALREADY closed the door with Apple hardware running Windows in the future.

    It’s called DIRECTX. Which hardware running it will have to get a license from Microsoft.

    Now try running the full version of Vista or 3D Windows games on a future version Vista without DirectX.

    Also Microsoft can tap EFI to keep Windows only on hardware it wants too.

    Microsoft will protect it’s hardware vendors from a Apple assault trust me.

    Apple can’t supply or won’t supply the worlds vast needs for computing hardware anyway. Either for outrageous profits or simply can’t supply that much demand.

    Look at the glossy screens, you have to take a glossy new MacBook or iMac OR FSCKING ELSE. No choice of matte and no choice = bad.

  7. Windows doesn’t suck because it runs on HP or Dell. It won’t suck any less on a Mac. Its sucks because, well, it sucks. A Mac won’t help. Get a Mac because OS X is far superior to Windows. Tell people that.

  8. Oh good, the glossy screen comments have started. Keep ’em coming, posters!

    Anyway, back on topic. Why would I destroy the magnificent Windows experience by using XP or Vista on Apple’s toy hardware? Windows on a Dell
    is nirvana. It’s pretty damn good on HP or even Gateway hardware too. Apple doesn’t have a clue when it comes to hardware. Dorks.

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