Freeze! Next-gen 3G iPhone with GPS due ‘early next year’

&t”Apple will deliver the next version of the iPhone early next year,” Scott Moritz reports for

“A faster third-generation, or 3G, iPhone will be available sometime in the first quarter, say people familiar with the production plans,” Moritz reports. “The new iPhone should help quiet critics who were unimpressed by the 2.5G EDGE technology the first version used.”

Moritz reports, “The new 3G iPhone is expected to include features like global positioning for navigation services.”

Full article here.

You have to read between the lines with Moritz and TheStreet sometimes. There’s always something better coming down the pike, if you’re willing to wait for it. Of course, if you keeping waiting for the next best thing, you’ll never get anything. It’s one way to freeze the market for any product. Perhaps that’s Moritz’s and TheStreet’s intention – or maybe they’re just really, really interested in Apple’s iPhone for whatever reason(s). The best iPhone FUD just may be the vaporous promise of a next-gen iPhone. Please see the related articles below.

“3G chipsets… are real power hogs. Most phones now have battery lives of 2 to 3 hours and that’s due to these very power-hungry 3G chipsets… [iPhone] has 8 hours of talktime life. That’s really important when you start to use the Internet and want to use the phone to listen to music. We’ve got to see the battery lives for 3G get back up into the 5+ hour range. Hopefully we’ll see that late next year.” – Apple CEO Steve Jobs introducing iPhone to the UK this morning, September 18, 2007. [bold emphasis added by MacDailyNews]

[UPDATE: 4:14pm EDT: Added Steve Jobs’ quote, fixed misspellings of reporter’s name.]

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