Apple releases iMac Software Update 1.1

Apple has released iMac Software Update 1.1 which provides important bug fixes and is recommended for 20-inch and 24-inch iMac models with 2.0, 2.4, or 2.8GHz processors.

iMac Software Update 1.1 is available via Software Update and also as a standalone installer.

More info and download link (5.1MB) here.


  1. Wait, didn’t we just update our Aluminum Keyboard software less than a week ago? An optional update to “activate” the added functions of the keyboard shipped only with the iMacs this update is for? Why in the world couldn’t they have gotten these two updates together?


  2. It must be for Core 2 Duo’s only, as my Core Duo said it was not for this system.

    That is a shame. I was hoping it would fix the dam dimming problem, not going to sleep or waking up after a couple of hours sleeping, or the really freak-you-out in the middle of the night habbit of TURNING ITSELF ON AFTER IT HAS BEEN SHUT COMPLETELY DOWN!

    Apple can’t seem to fix these when I call them.
    They try.
    Yes, they try.

  3. According to a report from Ars Technica, (via another site, AccelerateYourMac), the update contains Radeon 2600 drivers and OpenGL driver/display specs.
    I seem to remember reading an iMac review saying something about an issue with the drivers for the new iMac’s ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO, which held it back in gaming.
    Perhaps this update fixes that problem.

  4. I have been having a problem with my airport not working properly on my 24″ aluminum after I reboot the airport express. The other macs work fine. After awhile it goes on and off, can’t get an IP then finally it starts working. Very frustrating

  5. “After awhile it [Airport] goes on and off, can’t get an IP then finally it starts working. Very frustrating…” —Doctrine

    Unfortunately, this kind of behavior has often been my experience with Airport through the years. In the old days, we needed SCSI voodoo to get things to work. In 2007, it’s Airport voodoo that wins the day.

  6. What is the deal with MDN editors? They banned me for just for mentioning some Firefox plugin, but the let some guy talk named Matt Rulz talk about “smoking bud” and don’t even delete his comment?

    WTF are the rules here?

  7. Traveller
    Comments need to be it seems from my reading take:
    1) cogent and/or informational
    2) chuckle worthy
    3) incendiary in a sarcasm sort of way
    and a mix of any or all of the three =:’)
    I have to say MDN has move to the top of my mac related bookmark stack.. beat out Ars, /., DF, etc. only FSJ is nipping at their ranking. Good job staff and posters.

  8. I’m still pretty outraged at having my home ISP banned from the MDN message board for no apparently good reason.

    I like MDN articles and the community of Mac users who hang out here, but the editors who banned me need to remove whatever they have stuck up their respective assholes.

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