Koingo debuts Librarian Pro 1.0; inventory your home media collection

Koingo Software has announced Librarian Pro. Available for download September 1st from the business’ web site, this US$29.95 shareware product allows users to inventory their home media collection. Compatible with Mac and Windows, Librarian Pro keeps track of Books, Music, Movies, PC Hardware, Software, and Video Games. Interface directly with Amazon to retrieve item pictures, details, reviews and more.

Organize items into smart collections by content criteria, create multiple databases for different locations, and even export to HTML or an iPod! Import data into Librarian Pro from any other major industry programs like Delicious Library, DVDpedia, Bookpedia, CDpedia, Gamepedia, iTunes, and even Microsoft Excel (CSV Format). Also, have Librarian Pro scan your hard drive for applications and add all the software titles it finds! Librarian Pro, additionally, features a delicious eye-candy “Gallery” mode to view an entire collection by cover art, which is adjustable by size.

Librarian Pro offers an account system so it is possible to mark off who borrowed what, when, and in what condition it was at the time. On the Mac OS X version, even import a borrowers list directly from Apple’s Address Book – and furthermore, narrow it down to family members only.

Aside from having the sleek built-in integration with Amazon, and an optional in-program shopping cart, Librarian Pro is international. It supports networking with Amazon Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and France. The database format is fully UTF-8 compatible for international input and is also interchangeable between both the Mac and Windows versions.

More info here.


  1. Agreed. This is about as exciting as a Filemaker Pro database.

    Delicious Library is fun and sexy, with a touch of magic!
    People who don’t know the program flip when the see the barcode scan and disk info appear… like, like, well, like magic.

    How many other apps out there do this? Maybe Apple’s Photo Booth.

  2. I tried Delicious Library and it always seemed sluggish, always trying to logon somewhere, update something. It was a pain if I wanted to do a quick lookup. I much prefer Bruji’s *pedia apps (Bookpedia, DVDpedia, CDpedia).

  3. Avid fan of Delicious Library, to me one of the signature apps that makes macs unique. Hard to see myself switching. The easy xml output of this sounds nice though. Never tried the Pedias, but I like the fact that DL has all in one app.

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