Computeract!ve reviews Apple Mac mini: ‘neatly designed, works extremely well’

“We’ll admit up front that we have liked the Mac mini for some time. It’s not the most powerful computer in the world, or even the cheapest, but it’s neatly designed and it works extremely well,” Cliff Joseph reports for Computeract!ve.

“This latest version of the Mini looks identical to all its predecessors,” Joseph reports. “The only real change for this model is that Apple has replaced the former’s Intel Core Duo processor with the newer Core 2 Duo.”

“If you’re on a really tight budget, then there are cheaper PCs available. However, the £499 version of the Mac Mini is an attractive and versatile upgrade for people who might want to replace an ageing PC and try out a Mac for the first time,” Joseph reports.

Full article here.


  1. @ Dave Powar

    I am in total agreement with you except for the Speak and Spell part. They don’t play games and neither does the MAC MINI. And I like to be able to swap out video cards and stuff like you can on a glorious Windows machine. So for me (and anybody else with half a brain) it’s:

    I hate MACs, I’m going to kill them all and replace them with Dells running awesome Microsoft Windows Vista.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. Zune Tang:

    Do you ever comment on anything remotely relevant, or just spout gibberish from morning ’til night?

    No doubt like many other posters on here, I just scroll past your idiotic comments and return to the topic. Give it – and us – a rest, please.

  3. He he! Zune Tang admits in his first post that he and his hoodlum chums have only half of a brain! Ballmer will <u>never</u> be honest enough to admit this publicly.

    Power to the Zune Tang’s out there and their misguided ways!!

  4. Actually I am a Mac user that’s just likes to have fun taking the piss out of the Mac faithful and see what happens. Sorry guys!

    In all honesty I really love Macs and think Vista is a pile of poo but It’s fun to wind you all up. I think I will behave from now on as you are obviously way too sophisticated for me.

    Your potential. Our passion (to stifle your potential for you).™

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