Next-gen iPod nano images ‘confirmed’ by Apple Legal?

&t“Ironically, the only sure way to know the truth in an Apple rumor is to receive a takedown notice from Apple Legal. That’s what happened to both Gizmodo and Apple news site 9to5Mac, who posted leaked images of a new, big screen iPod Nano,” Charlie Sorrel blogs for Wired.

“The Fatboy Nano will play video and come in matt black, silver, cranberry, light blue and light green,” Sorrel reports.

Full article here.

Gizmodo is running an online poll, “What do you think about the rumored new iPod nano?” along with a larger image of the rumored next-gen iPod nano here.

9 to 5 Mac’s post (with imagery removed) along with reader comments here.


  1. I don’t think a takedown is proof of an actual product. I think Apple’s just as concerned about their name being attached to something not real as they are about premature news of real products.

  2. well, once in a while, Apple makes a mistake…this would be one of them. I have been trying to figure out why I don’t like this new look (if real). I think it is because I don’t like the form of a widescreen rectangle inside a square form with a circle look. Not attractive at all. If it doesn’t sell very well, they will pull the plug on it about a year after…like they did with the Cube (although I loved the design of the Cube). Well see.

  3. Generally, Apple only sends their legal bulls after web sites when the thing on the site is the real thing.

    Me no like. The elongated elegance of the iPod mini, then nano is completely lost here. Yuckola!

    Let’s hope Apple releases the widescreen iPod sans phone.

  4. The current nanos fit in my pocket perfectly. Without the casing, just a thin cover on the screen so it doesn’t get scratched.

    Fatboy nano is going to snap… it’s interesting, but I can’t see how that’ll fit in my pocket, considering that my ass is worked up to be stiff and hard, and that the current nano has a perfect width to the curvature of the smoothness of my ass.

    Or what about my arm, when I wear that band to go jogging… oh I think I’ll just gain a few extra kilos, for fatboy nano to fit nicely…

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