Furniture that rocks: home furnishings increasingly accommodate Apple iPods

“As soon as Kerry Triffin spotted a bed crafted from New Zealand rimu wood at a New York design show last year, he wanted to carry it in his Connecticut furniture shop. His wife had a different idea,” Terri Sapienza reports for The Washington Post.

Sapienza reports, “She pointed to another bed from the same collection, made of the same sustainable wood but equipped with a Bose surround-sound speaker system and an iPod docking station. ‘She said, ‘That’s the one that’s going to sell,” Triffin says now. ‘And she was right.'”

“Six years ago, the iPod was still weeks away from its debut. Today, the little (and always getting littler) portable music player reigns over the media industry and, increasingly, our lives,” Sapienza reports.

“No longer restricted to entertainment centers and home offices, iPods and other portable electronic devices are finding places to plug in all over the house: in beds and chairs with built-in speakers, lamps designed with docking stations and living room tables that double as universal charging stations. There’s even a toilet tissue holder that will charge and play an iPod, and — at the other extreme — a $14,000 dining table with a built-in dock,” Sapienza reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “PK” for the heads up.]


  1. And it so it goes…….With each new application, Apple inc & OSX grow ever more prominent as the unseen engine in all our lives!

    What of M$?… With every new application, M$ & it’s OS grow ever more irrelevant as a useful product whilst ever more prominent as the irritable bowel syndrome that has blighted our lives!!!

  2. @ pockettrash, the iphone uses the same dock as an ipod you fool! plug in the speakers to the ear phone and you collect your calls in bed in stereo! or…using airport, wi-fi your calls to your bed! Only a dummy is capable of less imagination than you it seems!!!

    Now before you all attempt to jump down my throat at once, use your imagination and build on the above thoughts!!

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