Associated Press Review: Rival phones no match for Apple iPhone

“The iPhone makes me mad,” Peter Svensson, newly-minted “Mac guy,” reports for The Associated Press.

“Not, mind you, at the iPhone itself, but mad at cell-phone manufacturers who have saddled us for years with interfaces that lure us into labyrinths of menus,” Svensson reports.

“The iPhone has one button on its face. It always does the same thing: takes you to the top menu, where icons representing all functions of the phone — music player, Internet browser and more — are laid out in a clear manner. Wham, you’re out of the labyrinth,” Svensson reports.

“This makes me mad, because this isn’t just the way it should be done, it’s the way it always should have been done. This became clear to me as I set out to look at the iPhone along with two other top-of-the-line phones, the Nokia N95 and Helio’s Ocean,” Svensson reports.

“Apple’s first phone launched amid tremendous hype in late June. Since then most of the press has been about hacks and complaints… Don’t pay it any attention: the iPhone is the best phone you can buy right now,” Svensson reports.

Full review here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MrKruser” for the heads up.]


  1. So the earbuds don’t block out ambient noise. Ummm – weren’t there a bunch of articles in the newspapers. So – no you don’t get hit by a taxi when you cross the street. Apparently right is wrong and wrong is right and nothing anybody does makes everbody happy – surprise

  2. You have to use Apple’s iTunes application, which doesn’t run well on PCs. In fact, my PC screen turned itself off, then back on a few seconds later, when the iPhone was connected. It’s a phenomenon I have never before seen.

    This upgrade was delivered in our great overlord’s recent mini service pack(in which we get superior upgrades and bug fixes EVERY MONTH for free, you MAC lemmings, not once very two years for $179). How thoughtful of our masters to dissuade us from using gay software that doesn’t support Trusted Computing and our master’s approved DRM.

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  3. @ Gnat Nuze

    Dude, why the hell are you bashing Apple and promoting Microsoft on a Mac News Site? Do you really think I give a shit about Microsoft? Cause if I did, then I wouldn’t have Macs.

    I heart .

  4. I’ve felt this way for a long time. Everytime I encounter difficult to use products, anything from a digital thermostat to a direct tv remote, I get pissed off that they can’t simplify the process like Apple. Using their products can spoil you.

  5. Good article.

    No iPhone in Canada but I have an unlocked Nokia N95. While the specs on the N95 are great, it fails to live up to them in real life. If you use the web browser (based on Webkit same as Safari) you get constant “out of memory” errors due to the memory structure the N95 – even with an empty 2 GB micro SD card (think Windows 95 and hi and low memory). The camera, yes, it is 5 megapixels – but has very aggressive compression so it does not give the quality you would expect. Finally, trying to set preferences, load programs, etc.. less than convenient and I know the phone exceptionally well (being a geek and all). Mind you, compared to the “normal” Rogers phone it is good – better than my Treo 650 – but no comparison to the iPhone which I have had the displeasure (only because I can’t buy and use it) of using in the US.

  6. Well la-tee-freakin’-da! Look at me, I’m an iPhone, I only have one button so that makes me super elegant. Whatever. Hold your pinky up when you drink your tea too, loser.

    This guy has never seen any of the magnificent mobile phones running Microsoft’s spectacular Windows Mobile 6. They all put the iPhone to shame. They have more buttons, logos, decals and best of all—a REAL mobile phone OS from the manufacturer of the best computer operating system on the planet. I bet the iPhone can’t even play games. Dorks.

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