Why is Wal-Mart’s Music Downloads website incompatible with Apple Macs?

“The Wal-Mart Music Downloads service only offers about 1/5th as many songs as Apple’s iTunes Store, 1 million vs. over 5 million, but Wal-Mart has just started selling DRM-free MP3 versions of some of those songs,” SteveJack writes for MacDailyNews over in our Opinion section.

“On the face of it, the Wal-Mart move would seem to be good news for music lovers, making it possible to download tunes from Wal-Mart and use them with their Apple iPods… [but] Wal-Mart’s Music Downloads website is incompatible with Macs for no discernible reason other than either laziness or incompetence. I lean to the latter, as Wal-Mart’s web coders haven’t even mastered the simple art of operating system detection,” SteveJack writes.

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