Apple releases iPhone Software 1.0.2 update

Apple has released iPhone Software 1.0.2 which includes bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions.

iPhone Software 1.0.2 is available via iPhone Software Update in iTunes: Select iPhone in the Source pane and click the Summary tab. Click “Check for Update.”


  1. @Constant Refresher:

    Dear oh dear, you haven’t been paying attention have you?

    I should point out that, the TCO of an 8GB iPhone is $2056 with a two year contract. Looking at the TCO for the competition:

    Nokia N95 – $2875
    LG Prada – $2770
    HTC TyTN – $2860
    Sony Ericsson K850i – $2850
    Blackberry Pearl – $2370
    Palm Treo – $2420

    Funny that, all of the above are more expensive to own than an iPhone – and I don’t read about anyone wanting to hack one of those [I shudder at the thought of why you’d want to].

    From the leading jackass, Brett Arends on down, many analysts are writing FUD about Apple’s first offering in this market. Seems like you may have joined them…

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